If it wasn't already apparent that I'm officially 2018's worst blogger. These pictures have been sat in my draft since mid-august. But in an attempt to get back into the blogging game next year, I wanted to upload the posts I've been avoiding for the last few months. 

So with the awkwardness that is the four month gap out of the way...During the summer I was stupidly lucky to be bridesmaid for my Aunty and if that wasn't enough, her fiancĂ©e asked if I'd do her makeup for the day and although the idea scared me shitless, I was completely honoured. This meant hours spent searching Pinterest, sharing ideas with one another, trial run days and spending all my pennies on some new beauty bits, aw my fav part. 

In the five years Jenny & April have been together , I've grown such a strong friendship with April, we all get to hang out as family and just the two of us as friends, both her and Jenny have helped me get jobs and encouraged me with any interviews and prep, taken shopping trips together, laughed til we've cried watching ridiculous films and drunk way too much vodka, so as you can imagine not only am I so happy to have such a good friend, I'm so excited she's now officially family. 

Because of this, I've had the privilege of doing her makeup multiple times over the years. Naturally I was already comfortable with her, I was aware of what worked well with her skin and her personal preferences... we still took the time to do some trial runs anyway because who doesn't love hanging out with pals, but I'm really pleased with the final look we created. 

The beauty blogger in me insisted on doing this lil' haul; purely down to the fact that each product I purchased has now become a staple product in my regular makeup bag or my everyday routine and I really enjoy sharing these affordable products with everyone.

Personally I was hoping this would give off a dewy glow when applied, to help even out the tanned complexion I had during the summer and although it didn't 100% turn out to be the best product in the world, it's one I've used daily since and is only now running low. 

Not only did I do mine and April's makeup on the day, I also did my mothers too. And again over the years of doing her makeup, I knew what worked with mom's complexion and had hoped that this product would be the foundation that would create a smooth and even look, much to my frustrations this didn't have that same reaction to my mom's skin that it didn't to mine back in 2008 but rather than it going to waste, I've been using it to fill out the redness on my cheeks and it's been working wonders on my skin instead. 

I had a collection contour stick a couple years ago and it was my favourite thing ever, I'm pretty sure they've discounted this product now but I'm not entirely sure why. But I found this duo stick and it's perfect, it helped create a more precise yet subtle contour and the highlight is actually one of the best highlights I've used in years.

Over the years I've been searching for the best eyeliner and this year, I found it. This product is actually repurchased as I loved it so much the first time round, I'm able to create a more clean, precise and slick cat eye and I am just in love with it. Upon the decision that it would be too much pressure to apply the eyeliner and wanting to have a much calmer look on the eyes, we decided against added this product but it's just worth mentioning if you're looking around. Plus I'm not entirely sure what's the different between this liquid eyeliner and any other I've tried before but just take my word for it. I recommend it! 

Neutral colours have become my best friend this year, nudes, mauve, browns, reds and oranges are literally the only colours I'll use for my eyes now and this palette is my go-to for browns and reds. Originally purchasing this as I knew the colours would suit April perfectly, I stuck with the neutral colours before adding a lil' pink shimmer to the centre of her lid for that little sparkle. 

My original reasoning for picking up this product was that it was a reasonable price and waterproof and it's essentially become my absolute favourite. It worked wonders on the day as April definitely cried throughout the service and well, I'm a lil romantic at heart so I cried too. It creates such volume to my lashes and fuller and thicker look. 

Jenny and April's day was perfect, April loved the look I created for her and I'm going to look back on that day with fond memories, filled with love and getting absolutely shitfaced with my family (classy of course). 

I always get that lil bit excited when friends and family trust me to do their makeup for big events like this day, thanks April! x 

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