I'm just going to start with explaining my absence this month. 

In October I got a promotion at work (yay me) after years of working with the same company and applying for different job roles - I'm officially a team leader. It's a little daunting as I'm on a new department, with a new team. A whole lot more to learn, new responsibilities and my hours have jumped up too. I've had less free time, heading in on my days off and trying to get ahead of everything. It's all been pretty hectic and it's really taken it's toll on me both mentally and physically, between shifts and sleeping I just about have enough free time to get ready for my next shift - it's been a fun experience but I'm really looking forward to when I'm more settled. 

I'd originally began this post, possibly a month ago and I'd been determined to spend the day in my comfy clothes, hide my phone away from the world and spend the day watching Disney films - I can't quite remember how this day actually panned out - but let's be real, I'm a social butterfly and it's more than likely I met up with some friends. 


The Lush gift set comes with four products; BUTTERBALL, A FRENCH KISS, TWILIGHT and DREAM CREAM. Upon opening this set it's possible I cried a lil at the idea of finally testing out the twilight shower gel, only to feel completely disappointed with it. The scent just wasn't what I expected and I've not used the product since. And as I've already mentioned I've not used the bath bomb or bubble bar but my absolute favourite from this set is the dream cream; with my new job my skin has become cracked, broken and oh my life, so so sore. And the dream cream has actually been just that, a dream. It's so soothing for the irritable and sore feelings and the subtle scent of Lavender adds to the calming vibes.

Either way on at least one day off each week, I'm determined to have a chilled out day - whatever that might involve. I know I'll need to find ways to keep my brain occupied...Honestly, I've spent the majority of this year not feeling relaxed - I've been over working myself, picking up shifts, adding hours to my work load, going on weekend adventures and just filling up all my spare time with little plans so it's been difficult to feel relaxed even when at times when I'm having fun. Which is why I think this gift set was perfect for me and a way of finding time to pamper myself. Unfortunately at the time I was given this gift set I was in the process of moving home and I've lost the luxury of warm baths for the two bath bombs that I wish I'd used sooner. 

We all know how shit gets personal over here...and even with my sporadical breaks this year, that fo'sure ain't gonna change. There's no denying I've been struggling this year, with the changes I've had and little things that I've had to adapt to, my mental health took quite a beating with it. I was over working myself because work actually felt like the best place, I had my friends around me 24/7, I could switch off from all my negative thoughts and it just felt like a safe place for the longest time and with all the things going through my mind; my failures, never feeling good enough and just generally feeling lonely, I've stopped finding that time for myself and just relaxing because; well then I'm just stuck with my own thoughts for six hours and I'd rather be with my friends and family than practically punishing myself with those thoughts. 

With the help of my friends I went to see a doctor in the summer and after weeks of avoiding it, I'd finally put myself on the wait list for counselling. I've been seeing the nicest lady for a month now, we sit down for an hour either every or every other week and she lets me talk about anything. I've cried a couple times, we've talked about everything and my mind has been blown several times already and one of the things I've noticed most is how I no longer spend much time alone and actually questioning why I find it so hard to just spend the day in bed, watching films and taking several naps. 

I can assure I actually have a social life outside of work and spend time with my pals outside the four walls of the cinema; honestly if I'm not sleeping or working, majority of my free time is with one of my best friends and I'd have gone stir crazy months and month ago if I didn't have any of them around. 

Well, I told you things would get personal. Between my shifts I've been trying to find as much time with my friends as possible, I've been (accidentally) double booking myself to hang out with all my pals but I honestly wouldn't change any of that time with them, I adore the time I spend with the people in my life but I think I'm going to focus on finding a day each week where I hide away from the world, stay in my pj's, cook my favourite meal and watch all the trashy films I want...because that would really make me feel better.

I also want to find a way back to blogging, so between everything else...let's hope I actually manage that in the new year.

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