Do you remember two years ago how I decided to watch as many films as I could in a year. I documented it each month and I loved it, it was almost an achievement of how many films I could watch within a month, how many I could watch each day, and oh boy I actually miss having that opportunity to just sit around and spend the day in bed watching films. 

Back then at every opportunity I'd grab myself a cuppa, get cosy and stick on a film. I've noticed how I've been slacking with it so lately I've been using Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Go to my ultimate advantage. Typically I'll binge watch so many classics or digging out the old favourites I forgot existed... but some times there's nothing I like more than to find a new favourite. Over the last few months all I've done is find more and more I like on all the apps, so in typical blogger fashion, today I wanted to share my favourite five that I've been watching on Netflix. 

In the last couple of months since moving back with into my parents; I've been trying to make my room as cosy as possible, extra pillows, all the fairy lights and my TV looks even bigger in this lil' box room. So I've essentially created my lil' cosy cinema room and it's perfect, especially when I'm having the ultimate lazy day; whether that be with friends or on my own, I'll pick up some junk food (preferably sweet and salt popcorn) and reside with a film.

Not only have I found some absolute favourite films but there's a couple of TV series I've been loving too...

I've always been a suck for a cheesy rom-com and this was no exception. A little different to the usual best friends fall in love vibes but instead falling in love with the best friends brother, ah classic. I've always low-key been a fan of Joey King (especially in Ramona and Beezus), so I straight away knew I'd love this, I actually also low-key ship Joey and Jacob so that makes this even better. Personally I loved this a whole lot more the first time of watching this as I just couldn't help but find it completely cheesy and cliche... which doesn't mean I hated it. Also could get my head round the fact those boys were playing teenagers, where were the cute boys like that when I was at high school. 

Ah another cheesy can sense a theme, right? This one I actually really really enjoyed. I think I watched this the weekend it was released...possible around the same time everyone else was watching it and as cheesy as it sounds was totally ready to write these 'love' letters to all the boys I'd loved before. Honestly, I don't know what it is about these kind of teenage romance films but I'm sucked in every time! I know the concept of faking a romance to make someone else jealous and in the end everyone falls in love is trashy and so unrealistic, but oh my days, SO CUTE. But also, Noah is kinda cute too. 

I spent the majority of 2018 trying my best to find a new series to binge watch; it's a lil embarrassing how irritated I was feeling about the fact I hadn't had a good binge in a while and quite frankly, I haven't had one since this one either. A girl at work had recommended this series to me and I just jumped right in, the next shift I was telling her how I was already four episodes deep and was seriously gutted it was only one series. Within days I'd finished the series and now I'm desperately awaiting the second. The storyline follows a group of girl-friends who are each in some money worries, who decide they could rob a convenience store...all works out well until they discover the money actually belongs to some-sort of mafia group. It's just so cool watching girls being so badass and proving to these 'scary' men that they aren't the kind to be fucked with. 

I know, I know. I'm sorry it's another rom-com. The end of the summer saw an outburst of click-flick releases and my lil heart was living for it. Yet another predictable concept, where two over worked assistants decided to work together to have their managers fall in love with each other; plenty of ups and downs between both couples, so many cute moments and one big happy ending. Oh it's so cheesy but oh so good, this is definitely an easy watch when I'm feeling miserable. 

There was a running theme a couple months ago when I was watching both, good girls and girl boss. I think I was in the midst of needing this 'badass attitude' and my life; they've helped. One of my best friends got me book of Girl Boss for my birthday back in March and within a week I'd read the book and just felt revolutionised to be my own girl boss! Whilst the book is 100% true to the life events of Sophia Amoruso and how she began her business Nasty Gal the Netflix series follows almost identically; just with a few added plots and character developments that weren't necessarily included in the book. Again another reason for being so intrigued by the series was Britt Robertson and boy does she do a good job at being a girl boss. Also, now I just want to ordering everything from Nasty Gal. 

With the release of more series and films in the last couple of weeks and these new releases actually being the genres I'm not typically into, I'm really intrigued to see what the hype is all about. Obviously with that, I want to create a more updated version of this.

So as always any recommendations, please send them my way? x 


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