At the end of December I had this revelation about my blog, the direction I wanted to take and how I was going to fully commit this year...four weeks into the year; guess who's only shared two blog posts, oops? 

I have all the intentions to share with you all the details of January so you kind of have an idea of where and why I've been so sucky - again. 

However, thats for another day. 

I started writing a blog post at the end of 2018 filled with all the details of the year, the highs and the low and just what happened, a little yearly round up if you wish and I had so much to talk about, but I never completed it and well I quickly lost interest in talking about a year that was a little bit of a roller coaster for me. Luckily enough however, the last couple of months made what I thought would be a terrible year, actually one of the best I've had in a long time. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, 2018 has been and gone. So whats this all got to do with 2019? 

Probably nothing, but last year I'd set myself the goal of taking care of me! Doing things just for me, enjoying every experience and living my life. And you know what, I did just that! And with doing even the smallest of tasks for myself left me with the highest sense of achievement and I've never been prouder of myself. 


Let's just ignore the fact I already have two holidays booked for this year, we're heading to Disneyland Paris in just a couple days time and I couldn't be more excited. And in just a couple months time I'll be in Cornwall with possibly my entire family to celebrate my nan's 70th birthday which is going to be such a hectic yet blissful time away. But in-between all these plans me and J have been in talks of so many little adventures; weekend trips, little holidays and I just want to book them all up already. And whilst it's possible I'll bore you to death with the details; but when I struggled with the thought of travelling a couple years ago, I'm beyond proud of myself for all these plans we've already made. 


Every so often I'm more determined to switch offline a little more; luckily for me with my working hours, having a social life and being in a new relationship my time online has dropped significantly; however that doesn't stop me from wanting to experiment a little more with the ways I spent my free time. I've never been one for reading; I mean when I find a really good book you can loose me for days it's just I don't necessarily go in search of these 'good reads'. So many pals and blogger pals are avid readers so I'm going to start getting all the recommendations, find time on evenings and spend more time reading, even if it's just a chapter each night. Over the course of the last year or two I've been really invested in listening to more podcasts; mostly youtubers like Lucy Moon, The Sorry Girls and even The Mandeville Sister are amongst my favourites at the moment, so much so I'd love to find a way or creating a podcast of my own, here's hoping I can create it this year. 


I'm pretty certain that if I actually had the attention span and took the time; I could teach myself a new skill. One I've wanted to teach myself for the longest time has been photography; whilst I'm pretty confident with my placement and my 'blogging photography' I'd love, love, love to teach myself the ins and outs of manual photography and finally say goodbye to automatic. Occasionally I'll test out new techniques and I've started gathering information via Pinterest, it is just so easy to switch back to automation when you're irregularly blog like I do. That all being said; I have always been intruded to teach myself something completely out of my comfort zone and one of those things would be to teach myself a new language....I loved studying French when I was in high school and have always wished I continued studying over the years, but I guess we'll find out next year how well this venture turns out.  


If you've been with me throughout this whole 'creative crisis' you may have read this post from last year; where I talked about rediscovering my creativity and wondering why/how I lost it all in the first place. Unfortunately as time goes on just as I think that creative spark is back, I plummet back into this slump...which I've kind of gotten used to now. But this year instead of focusing on how to find it 'again' I want to find a new way of being creative, whether it be via paper craft, photography or an online creative...I'm ready to give anything a try. Over the last year or so I've been really toying with the idea of starting a podcast or looking into starting mini vlogs - so I guess we'll see which venture I attempt this year. 


You may remember last year how I moved out of my family home and less than a year later I moved back home, which hasn't been the worst thing for me, but I loved living away from home, having my own space, being responsible for myself and generally just having that sense of freedom was something I needed at the time. And after an unwelcome amount of anxiety which lead to my decision to move back home, I've managed to build back up my confidence and, now Im ready to find my place back in the 'adult world'. Moving out gave me this massive sense of independence and I'm ready to find that again. So I guess it's time to start saving and looking at getting myself back into a comfortable place again.

After a year of achieving small goals and making the slightest changes to my life and knowing exactly what I wanted from 2018, everything has lead me to feeling more confidence and more impressed with how I lead my life now...and I guess after a successful year of that, I want to keep working on those small goals and being able to pat myself on the back at the end of this year too. Whilst I'm completely aware some of these are a little more out of reach, I know if I can focus on the simpler goals (like reading a chapter of a book each night) I'll at least have achieved something with my year and 'whey' to that! 

And so I guess on that note,  wish me luck! 

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