It's been just over a month since our girls getaway to Disneyland Paris and I'd be lying if I wasn't already wishing for our next trip.

It's possible we've been mentally planning this trip for a couple of years before we made it all reality back in October; I talk a little more about the two gems you're about to be officially introduced to in my previous post (here) but for now; meet Sam and Laura, my two best friends. 

The three of us met back in 2015 when we all started working together and it's been a growing friendship since. I've never been so grateful for a work place until I realised how much love and joy it's actually brought to me, so cheesy I know. Whatever, in the last four years we've been through so much together; road trip and days out, birthdays, surprises, living together, house moves, break ups, weddings and holidays; literally all the tears and laughs have happened in the short space of four years, but I guess you can only imagine the excitement we all had to escape reality and spend five days all together. 

We'd decided to travel via Eurostar (something I'd not done before) - and even though it meant a  5am wake up call for the 6am train from Birmingham New Street Station to arrive in London before our Eurostar was due to leave all before 11am. Compared to my last trip, the overall journey time felt shorter; possibly because it was all broken up AND you literally arrive right at Disney's doorstep, winner-winner. 

We stayed at the Santa Fe Hotel and whilst this is one of the cheapest of the park's accommodation, for a group of girls who only really used the hotel to wash, sleep and choose the day's outfits, it was just right. 

I'm not really sure what I was expecting when it came to the Eurostar; but overall I was quite cosy. Wifi was available which was just what I needed considering I forgot I'd need something to keep my occupied for a couple of hours. We arrived in Disneyland early afternoon, which meant we had plenty of time to check into our hotel and spend a few hours getting used to our surroundings. 

We'd been in Paris less than an hour before we found ourselves getting lunch at the McDonald's but after the morning of travelling, who was going to judge us? Nope, didn't think so. 

We popped on our minnie ears, wondered through the shops and instantly started our mental shopping lists for the rest of the week....the clothing we found in Disney Village was all I could think about for a couple of days. 

We managed to check out a couple of the rides in Disney Studios whilst the queue times were down before heading back to the Main Park to watch Disney Illuminations for the first time. After an impromptu photoshoot we headed for our first meal at La Grange at Billy Bob's with the full board meal plan we had booked for our trip. 

We kept things quite simple on our first day, taking in everything that was going on around us, browsing briefly around both the parks, checking out all the buffet and meal options for the rest of the week and obsessing a little over everything available in the Disney Village. 

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