Day two was officially our first full day at DLP. 

We'd mentally mapped out everything we wanted to do/see the night before and it's amazing what you can get through in just the one day. 

As we were staying on site we had the use of extra magic hours, I must admit I thought the only way we'd see everything during our trip was to use this perk...but in actual fact we had the chance to see everything almost twice over and typically didn't enter the park until 11am each morning. 

So after our much needed lie in, I did a coffee run (thank god for starbucks at our hotel) like the good lil egg I am and we got ready for our day. 

When I visited three years previously we'd stayed in the same hotel and each day walked to and from the parks; which roughly took 10/15 mins, however on this trip we used the free shuttle service - which at times a little cramped but overall was much much more reliable and convenient than I'd expected. 

Although we'd took a short stop in Disneyland Park on the previous night; there was something so magical about seeing it the following morning. It was extremely sunny this afternoon and the skies were bright and it just felt perfect for the day we wanted.

So we took this time to get some snaps outside of sleeping beauty's castle. Luckily for the three of us, we're all a lil addicted to the 'gram and made sure each of us got those perfect snaps to upload. 

I think it's safe to say we spent majority of this day in fantasyland and I'm pretty sure mad hatter's tea cups became our firm favourites; not only did we ride them multiple times throughout this day but multiple times over the course of the trip. We also checked out dumbo's flying elephants, alice's curious labyrinth and it's a small world....I basically introduced the girls to the easier rides before we ventured to the other land's. 

All hail Sam for finding the package for our trip; not only was it all reasonably priced, we fit everything round eurostar trains and had more time around the parks when we arrived and just before we left. BUT the main point I'm trying to make here is we also paid for full board meal plan which meant we only spent money on food when we choose; otherwise everything we booked was included in our meal plans. 

We booked all our meals either with the reception at our hotel or we made friends with the coolest guy at town hall in the disneyland park. 

We'd already missed our free breakfast but we had lunch booked at the plaza gardens which is just outside the castle. Personally this one of my more favourable meal choices; just because there was more options for my fussy palette.

Not only am I the worst blogger but I also have the memory of a fish and whilst I remember what we got up to...I can't remember which day we did what. Wow Sarah, WOW.

Basically we spent the majority of this day in the Main Park, checking out all the rides with the smallest queue times and searched all the shops, because...shopping! We did head over to Studios Park for the last couple hours where we saw Ratatouille: the adventure, rode areosmith rock n' roller coaster (which is one of my all time favs) and we took a lil wonder into toy story land and rode toy soldiers parachute drop - which was more hilarious and terrifying than I originally remember. We didn't indulge in the entire park too soon as we knew we had another full day yet to explore.

We missed the first half of the Disney illuminations; but we weren't too disheartened as we knew we we're going to see them multiple times over the course of the week. 

To the end the evening we headed back to our hotel; got ourselves made up and headed to planet Hollywood for a couple cocktails and some much needed grub. From my previous trip this was one of my favourite restaurants so you can imagine I was buzzing' to get back there. 

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