Aw yay, so I'm going to start this post by telling you guys I have the most adorable boyfriend. I mean, I'm still wondering where I found him, why he's with me and how any of this is happening, but I think. I *think* I'm onto a winner over here. 

...And with all that soppiness out the way. As a little stress reliever/birthday treat/romantic getaway J surprised me with an over night stay in Chester. and oh my life, guys it's was wonderful. 

Both myself and J had been on separate trips to Chester over the years and has discussed possible trips back when we began dating; so you can imagine my excitement when he told me where we were going. Obviously in true blogger fashion, I took to twitter to ask for any recommendations and well lads, you definitely pulled through. We jumped on a train from Birmingham and headed off with our list of things to do, places to see and all the food and drink reccs and a short 24 hours to pack everything in. 

We stayed at the pied bull which is basically round the corner from the main high street and everything was accessible to us. We arrived mid-afternoon, quickly settled into our room and took a little wander around our new surroundings.  

We'd mentally mapped out everywhere that had been recommended to us and even scoped out placed we'd seen on google. Luckily though we we're in total agreement not to step foot in any franchise bars or restaurants...except for spoons, we'd made a little exception for a quick pre-evening drink. 


From my first visit I knew chester was beautiful and all I'd really seen at that trip was the EASTGATE CLOCK and THE ROWS so it was quite fascinating to go with more of a list of things to see and explore a little more of the history of the town. We wondered along the city walls, checked out the ROMAN RUINS, the ROMAN GARDENS and walked through the AMPHITHEATRE - it was so peaceful to wonder round and see all the little details of the city. With our hotel literally a 2 minute walk from the CATHEDRAL we attempted to take a little browse round, however we got a lil lost and left straight away - the outside, is gorgeous though. We didn't put too much pressure on seeing everything or fitting in anything that took up too much time; things like CHESTER ZOO or finding our way to CHESTER CASTLE. Although, after a couple of recommendations, I was really interested in checking out THE STORYHOUSE and being as it was right next door to our accommodation who could say no, I feel like this is a little hidden gem; it's a library, cinema, theatre and cafe all in one place and I'm fairly certain if we had something similar in Birmingham I'd be spending so much of my spare time there. 


J wakes up and the first thought of the day is what we'll be having for dinner; so it was fairly important that we found some pretty good spots to eat. Luckily for us we were given a shit tonne of recommendations when it came to coffee shops and for two barista's we were interested, unfortunately once we'd arrived we weren't really in the coffee drinking mood; but if you're ever in the area I've been told to check out places like THE JAUNTY GOAT and THE FLOWER CUP. When we were in Chester it was Pancake day and there's so many spots for afternoon tea, pancakes and deserts - we were hoping to check out HANKY PANKY PANCAKES after all the reccs, unfortunately we ran out of time and tried to catch OFF THE WAFFLE after our meal but again missed out but after all our suggestions we know they're two places we'd be checking out next time.  We did however, revisit THE MAD HATTER I'd been with my friends a couple years previously and the alice in wonderland themed cafe is one of my favs for afternoon tea, so we popped in for a lunch of cream tea and oh, the best! Chester is filled with franchise restaurants and bars; places like THE BOTANIST, THE ALCHEMIST and places like WHETHERSPOONS and NANDOS but I was determined to check out other places and went for the MUSIC HALL TAP which I think in the area is commonly known as MISSOULA which for a bar; was perfect. I'm pretty sure it's more of a student bar but it was fairly quiet, two for one cocktails and the football was played - I was just left so disappointed with my food choices. You win some, you loose some I guess. 


To be honest, the most important part of this trip was finding the best bars for a couple of drinks. One of my favourite things about our relationship is how we're able to head out to a cocktail bar, get drunk together and just have a laugh and that's exactly what I wanted to do and exactly what we did. Annoyingly we missed the chance to grab a drink from the PIED BULL which by the way, if you're staying you can order drinks and take them back to your rooms. We spent the majority of the evening at the MUSIC HALL TAP and we began to take full advantage of 2 for 1 cocktails before the bar closed. We checked online and it seemed that everything closed around 11pm so instead we headed to tesco's and grabbed a bottle of wine to continue drinking from the comfort of our room. This wasn't until we saw clubs like POPWORLD and ROSIES on our way back and the next morning little hidden bars dotting around the rows - fortunately we had so much more fun getting drunk from the comfort of our bed. 

Personally for us an overnight stay was everything we needed; we had plenty of time to check out the city, did a little bit of browsing round the shops and ate as much as we could manage. But please if you've got any more recommendations for the city, please leave them below. 


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