Oh, well it's certainly been a while since I shared any beauty blogging... *goes onto the blog to check*

Woah yep, this is the first beauty post since December '18.

ANYWAY. I've had some crazy love affair with browns, oranges and reds for my eyeshadows in the past 12 months. The chocolate orange palette has been my life since winter '17. So you can imagine the excitement when I received this from my bestie for Christmas this year.

High end makeup has always been at the top of my list to test out and Urban Decay has always been one of them; whether it's part of the NAKED range or the all nighter spray - oh my god I've been desperate to try that out for years. It's usually been down to lack of justifiable funds that purchasing high end products has been on the back of my list and I tend to stick to more affordable high street ranges and searching out the best dupes. Which is why it's all the more exciting when my friends  know the things I like and purchase things like this for me. Charlotte, you are a babe. 

Remember guys, it's been a while since I last did a beauty post, so like - bare with.

When I first began blogging and getting into the beauty and makeup side of life, I was in my late-teens... you know, once I'd gotten past the thick black eyeliner stage, I jumped straight into girly girl, pinks and rose gold shades and I think if you'd look far back as 2014 you'd noticed those shades in all my blog posts. Actually I think once I'd started to really appreciate eyeshadows and all the looks I could create I purchased all the affordable dupes from MUA and Makeup Revolution and wrote endless reviews like I actually knew shit.

I've always been a sucker for a good dark smokey eye so I'd always jump back and forth between styles and I think one of the best things about this palette is I can mix in a lil' bit of both.

Personally for me I like to work with the darker shades from this palette.

Most makeup brands release palette's with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades; with my latest routine I tend to only use matte's which is a complete contrast to when I first started using eyeshadows. So it was nice to break away from the same old and use those shimmers again.

Personally my favourites  from the CHERRY are FEELZ, AMBITIOUS, DEVLISH, YOUNG LOVE, DRUNK DIAL and PRIVARY. A nice little mix of both shade choices. I tend to use the mattes for my crease and any definition and then use the shimmers within the centre of my lid just to add that colour. 

All shades require a little build-up as the pigmentation isn't the strongest, however all the shades are so super soft when being applied. 

Woah. I think that was the toughest post I've written in the longest time...

I think it's time to accept that beauty blogging just isn't for me anymore.

So yeah, overview. The colours are everything I need in my collection, I already have my fond favourites. It's safe to say I'm a little obsessed and yet again I've added more NAKED palettes to my next wish-list.

Although, I think you know the drill by now; any recommendations, please send them my way.


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