It's been a while I know; but there's no way I'm missing out on sharing my last couple of days at Disneyland Paris. This holiday still feels like it was only days ago, how did we pass three months? 

In all honesty it's been so long since this holiday, I've forgotten when we did what and when? So I guess today's post will be more a photo journey... because these posts are just too cute to be missed, ya know?

One of the best things about Disneyland Paris is there's always so much to do but it's so easy to do everything multiple times throughout your trip. We spent the majority of this day look at the bits we'd not seen enough of. We'd finally woke up with enough time to make use of our meal plans for our breakfast and headed to our breakfast venue in discoveryland picked up our pastries, hot drink and juice and braced ourselves for the day.

Making the most of our time in Discoveryland we'd quickly jumped on buzz lightyears laser blast as the wait time was under 20 minutes (which is rare) - the right was a little jumpy and actually broke multiple times during our trip round which was frustrating when you'd convinced your pals it was a must-see ride. We also took another trip on Star Wars hyperspace mountain which since it's rebranding has become even more of a fond favourite, with bits of discoverland currently under going refurbishment, we checked out les mysteres du nautilus which actually lost me a little bit but after years of wondering what this was - I'm glad I now know. 

We skipped through fantasyland and headed into adventureland for the rest of the morning, wondering around La Cabane des Robinson  - adventureland is filled with sooooo many hidden gems. It's such a beautiful little corner of Disneyland. 

We also went on Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril which reminds me of my parents and our first trip to Disneyland Paris back in 2001(?) and just continued our wonderings until lunch time when we headed to the studios park and had lunch at restaurant de stars again another basic buffet menu but with it being part of our package - I ain't complaining.

We had a lot more free time on our third day, took everything completely leisurely and it was perfect. We did a lot of back and forth between the parks, making our way round all the areas we'd not yet seen and did a little more necessary shopping. 

This could've been the day I got the girls on twilight zone: tower of terror my all time favourite DLP ride and whilst I was having the most fun...the girls were far from pleased, sorry girls. 

We'd discovered on this day that our meal plans can work with some of the restaurants not initially on the list; one of those being Annette's diner. Basically we use more than one of our meal passes (so they add up to 'more' money) and being as we'd skipped breakfast on our first morning...we still had passes to use up. We made friends with the nicest gentleman in city hall who let us know about this and explained the best ways to use our passes! 

The day ended with me feeling massively overwhelmed and filled with anxiety; so I took myself on a little walk around our hotel grounds and when I arrived back to our room Laura and Sam has ran me a bubble bath and in that moment felt so at ease. 

And then we chilled for the evening and giggled hysterically at snapchat filters, ah such bliss. 

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