Well it's certainly been a while since I sat down and had a proper 'dear diary' moment hasn't it. My blog has been filled with so much excitement lately - what with weekends away, travelling and getting out and about more than I have done in years, I've almost forgotten what it's like to just give you all a detailed update with what's been going on; in terms of adventures and travel plans - I've got so much booked up already, even I've forgotten whats' happening and when but everything else, ahhh so much to fill you in with. 

And as exciting as all that is, I've had so much more happening too. Life has a way of creeping up on you and almost hit you with things you didn't ever really expect and with so many highs happening throughout 2019, I've also been battling with some lows too. 

And before this all begins to sound horribly morbid - everything is fine. I'm fine. I promise. 

Basically, I've been struggling a little bit with my mental health; at the beginning of the year I finished my sessions with a counsellor and have since been trying to tackle things in my own way. Thankfully I've come on leaps and bounds since October 2018 - when my counselling originally started - but there's certain things and times where I notice it creep up stronger than usual. 

Between talking with counsellors and regularly keeping my friends up to date with my moods, I'm always told to take note of the good things that happen in a day...just so I don't get too wrapped up in what's making me sad. In actual fact though, I've lost count of the amount of notebooks I've purchased with the hopes to fill in each day with my 'good things', I've tried notes on my phone and I've just given up. 

Not on the good things, obviously not. 

So hopefully in some mad attempt to create more content and for me to actually spend more time actually considering the good things either each week or every other week. I want to make this post something I focus on regularly. Even if one of my good things is the fact we ordered take away (which is always a good things, am I right?) 


I mentioned in one of my earlier posts this year about how me and J had been planning to go on holiday this year and this week we finally booked it. After a couple freaks out (on my part) and searching the internet for every review I could find - we finally agreed on a destination and hotel for our week away in June. We're going to Albufeira in Portugal, after recommendations from family and a girl at work having family in the area, I couldn't be more excited for this. (ps. look out for wish lists and hauls coming your way). 


If you'd have asked me 6 months ago how a promotion at work would coincide with me meeting this boy...I'd have laughed in your face but here we are, flash forward those six months and this boy has become one of the biggest parts of my life this year, and this month he moved in with me. Personally  it's all a little unexpectedly but what a nice surprise it's been. We've made my room more of an 'our' room, we're cooking dinners together every night, I have someone who's talking me to sleep and let's me watch all my trashy TV and it's great. 


For a girl who's been very hit and miss with her online presence, it's so refreshing to be posting more online. I've not really pushed this one too hard, I'm going at my own pace. Spending a couple extra minutes taking photos I'm happier with, uploading occasionally to my Insta stories, being a little more active on twitter and even restarted my Tumblr and Pinterest accounts last week. Whilst I'm hoping this mean I can increase my engagement and activity online...I'm hoping this sparks my creative outlets again. 


I don't really know the ins and outs of this one - after a hectic week at work last week I was told how the general manager was highly complimenting our team and for a girl who struggles to accept the fact she's good at her job, it's really given me the boost I've needed. I'm also really proud of the little team I work with, so many good eggs, so much love and patience for each other and it's just fab to work with people who make you laugh constantly. 


Don't you just love it? I ordered this skirt from New Look last week and have been waiting for the chance to wear it and a sunny day in Stratford-Upon-Avon was that perfect opportunity. We had a lovely day wondering Stratford, had lunch, drank a couple drinks and indulged in ice cream, what more could you ask for. Anyway the skirt, it's so light weight, the buttons fill me with joy AND it has pockets (need I say more?).  

It's quite therapeutic to jot down all these little moments, I guess in the mist of the things making us miserable we kind of forget to live in these moments. 

I'm definitely going to make more of an effort to write these posts more regularly, remind myself that whatever else is going on - I've always got things that keep me smiling. 

What are your five good things this week?

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