You know those gifts that leave you a little speechless? Well I've had one of those recently and from that moment I knew it was something I had to share with you all.

Because: a) it's a banging' present b) it's such a thoughtful gift c) from someone I least expected. 

Shout out to Hanna my little babe. When I started my new position at work around the same time as a handful of other people and I've had such a fab time working with each person, watching everyone build as a team and individually and getting to find common interests with each of them. Luckily for me, one of my common interests has been makeup and all that beauty jazz. It's been known for us to discuss my blog, brands and makeup techniques during quite periods at work. 

And this little babe took notice of everything and on my 26th birthday treated me to the MORPHE 3502 SECOND NATURE palette and I've been gobsmacked since. 

If you've been a long time reader of my blog you may have noticed how I'm usually raving about high street brands rather than high end and I guess the student in me still leaves on and I can't always justify the price tag. So you can imagine how grateful I am for this. 

Over the course of the last year my makeup routine is 99.9% of the time drawn towards browns, reds and orange shades and this has everything available to me. It's also got both matte and shimmer shades and give straight away gives me so much variation. 

Currently I'm in the process of trial and error with which shades work well together, which don't and just getting an overall feel for which will become my favourite shades. 

There's something about these colours that I just love. I've barely purchased any new palette since last year purely because I was so set on the colours in the chocolate orange palette and only really purchased something new when I needed a different set of colours for my aunts wedding. So as excited as I am, I was a little skeptical that these colours just won't live up to the same expectations. 

Like I said, trial and error but already my personal favourites right now are heat, fire and ruby. I'm actually yet to branch out to any of the other lighter shades, which what kind of blogger hasn't tested out all the colours yet but trust me, I will. I will. 

The shimmers are so pigmented and so glittery and actually I'm really disappointed in myself because I want to get back into using these shades again. The mattes however are my favourites, the colours are so thick and smooth textures, they blend easily together and are completely buildable. I tend to work a bright colour (either the reds or oranges) and create depth in the outer crease of my eyes with the more neutral and brown shades. This has been part of my routine for a while so having a palette that has all these colours in one place and knowing that they'll work so easily togehter really does make for a quicker makeup routine now. 

I'm really pleased with this palette as a whole, I'm really excited to test out more colours and hopefully share some more look on my blog. 

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