My favourite thing about this time of year; isn't just the change in season but getting to celebrate my birthday. I guess this is the one things I can't grow out of - that childlike excitement for my coming of age. 

Every year I have a new reason to be excited whether it's a milestone, the way I'm celebrating or simple who I'm celebrating it with. 

Bare in mind my birthday was just at the end of March, but this year was definitely the latter. We made no lavish plans, I mean I'm only turning 26 after all... but I was fortunate enough to make plans with all of my pals and even better - had some time off work. Recently I've really been struggling with my mental health, everything requires a little extra effort and I guess it was just nice to take that time off. 

Before this takes a deeper turn than I anticipated, every year around my birthday I take the time to reflect on the past year; what I've achieved previously and what I want to work towards in the coming year. I kind of wanted this post to be just that and instead of putting too much pressure and giving myself a plan before I'm 30 (which fyi, is only four years away woah) I thought it would be easier to focus on what I want in the next year. 

I've noticed a running theme that if I take the time to write something down it gives me more of a push to work towards the end-goal and I guess that's what this is; I'm in a little rut with my 'life' lately, with this feeling of extra pressure, constantly feeling low and I want to give myself some new goals not only to work towards but to hopefully distract me on my down days. 

Actually this ones more of a 'long time coming' kind of life goal, something I've been hoping for for a while, I've worked within the same building for four years, luckily enough 6 months ago I was promoted into a supervisor/team leader position in a new department which has already given me new opportunities and personal growth, but I think it's time for me to move on; find other opportunities in a new job role completely. 

This thought process comes along every 6 months or so. Between my working hours and a social life, I have limited time to take on a new hobby. I mean I'm not entirely sure what new hobby I'd want to start up anyways, I've attended a dance class every week and have done for nearly 20 years now and whilst it's amazing, I've gained a second family and I get to share something I love, I want to find something new, but at 26 where do I even start? It's not as simple as when mom would sign me up to multiple after school activities... 

I started counselling at the end of last year to cope with some things I was struggling with and something that was pointed out to me pretty early on in my group of sessions was how I'd made myself the bottom of my own priority list - fortunately I'd already recognised this myself and spent several months trying to change this; so it wasn't such a blow when my counselling brought it back to my attention. 

One of my highest priorities now is putting myself first, start saying no to more things, spending more down time doing my own thing, having what we tend to call 'sarah day's'. Even if it's just a couple hours in a day to work on my creative ideas, listening to more podcasts, reading more books or even spending the evening completely pampering myself - oh, what bliss. 

As I've been so kindly (and repeatedly) reminded recently, I'm now what they call 'over the line', no longer in the mid 20's but instead late 20's which is something I'm chill with - it's just got me thinking how it's time I start building towards my future. Throughout this year me and J already have countless plans but we're also in serious talks about our future and I'm not sure which part I'm more excited for... 

Shout out to Sam for the inspiration! She's been taking time out of her days to take walks, I'm not sure on distance or whether it's just a quick 5 minute walk but I want to start doing more every couple of days. Personally I think this relates back to taking more time for myself, finding a solid playlist and a way of incorporating that mindful time and to also get that lil bit extra exercise. 

I couldn't keep everything about this post serious; not only do I want to focus more on myself and be more 'adult'. I do want to celebrate the good things in my life and I what I've already surrounded myself with and for me that's my friends. Personally I think this is the first year where my friendships have purely been filled with happiness and love - no negative feelings, drama or toxicity. So if I get to keep these guys forever, I'd be eternally grateful. 

Well, I guess 26 might not be that bad after all. I have so much to look forward to, so many personal, professional and relationship goals - maybe this will finally be the year I begin to actually, I don't know, feel like a proper adult? 

Do you set yourself goals around your birthday? What would be your goals for this year?  


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