My birthday was back in March. 

I have no excuse as to why this post is so late. 

In all honesty; you probably didn't even want to see this post at all but my friends and family went all out with my birthday treats this year and I just wanted to celebrate that fact... and there's no better way to do that than writing an extra AF post all about it. 

My first treat was six days off work, yep. SIX DAYS and it was pure bliss. Not only did I get to spent quality time with my friends, family and my boyfriend. I also got this escape from work and just relaxed for six whole days and it was great. 

My birthday started a little earlier in the month with a trip to Chester curtesy of J and it was wonderful but then he continued to surprise me; on the Friday before my birthday he took me to the nicest lil Italian restaurant in the middle of Birmingham; even after I had a tantrum about my outfit. We continued into brindley place and sat in a little cocktail bar and chatted all evening and oh my god it was pure bliss. Not only did he treat me to TWO beautiful lil date nights but he also got me two sets of socks (stitch and monsters inc.) which if you'd knew the drama of my missing socks - you'd understand why I'm so grateful for this fact. The fact we both work as barista's and we get through so many cups of tea and coffee each day and that you also get a 25p discount when you bring in your own travel mug - well I now have the most adorable minnie mouse mug for all my caffeine fixes. 

My favourite present was the our adventure book -inspired by Disney's UP! I swear, I could've cried. It's no surprise to anyone how I fear I've lost my creative spark and it's actually gotten me feeling really low recently - so in an attempt to help fix this Josh got me this scrapbook and some of our photos together. I now just need a day off to get started with it. 

Every year I believe I'm another year old and another year closer to all my gifts stopping - my parents every year just get it better and better instead. This year not only did they treat me to the amazon echo and a set of rainbow hair straighteners which btw are amazing. My brother treated me to some new bedding which is actually bliss for a girl like me. 

After spending the day with my family and dance pals, I spent the evening with my two besties and they just topped it all off. We haven't been able to spend much time together in the last 6 months; work commitments and time schedules has just really put a hold on it all. 

But my girls, oh my GALS. They really did treat me; Sam got me a vaneloppe keyring when we were in Disneyland Paris, a t-shirt with all my favourite films and tvseries on and omg this most adorable Cath kidston purse, I've decided to use it for all my electronics and wires and it's just this perfect addition to 'what's in my bag'. Laura got me a print of some of our fav snaps from our trip to Disney, alongside this gorgeous sky blue (w/ rainbow sleeves) jumper from glamourous, a Q&A a day book which is filled with fun and thoughtful questions to answer each day over five years, also what do you meme? which is an hilarious game v similar to cards against humanity. 

Not only that I was continuously spoilt the rest of the week; my bestie from uni got me loads of mary poppin's treats, my aunt and uncle sent me some beauty bits which I'll be frequently using on all my future pamper evenings, I was given alcohol and so much more cute disney bits and bobs; I then saved one of the best til last - a girl from work (hi hanna!) treated me to the most beautiful morphe palette and I'm actually still a little bit gobsmacked about this - don't worry I'll be sharing a review on this palette in the near future. 

It's been just over a month since my birthday and yet I'm still blown away by everyones generosity and still playing with all my new bits and pieces as if I'm still a kid, so one) thank you if you spoilt me this year and 2) thanks if you've read through this rambling post. 


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