I don't know whether it's down to comfort, laziness or purely the love for these products but this is hands down one of my most loved everyday makeup routines in, like, forever. Yep forever. 

As a 'beauty blogger' I went through a phase of switching things up a little bit. Purchasing new products and testing out the latest pieces, however in the last year I've only picked up a couple new mascaras and the occasional lipstick (girl has a thing for nudes, okay!) whilst keeping everything else  practically identical. 

I've mastered what could take up to an hour and turned it into a 15 minute routine, which means more time in the morning, yay!

I mean, not only does it make things a little bit easier when I've got an alarm set at 0530 but also helps when I've spent too long on Instagram when we've got plans to head out for the day, oops.

Anyway this isn't a post for me to expose how lazy I truly am but a post to share all my fav beauty products because I'm obsessed.

In my morphe review post I just couldn't stop talking about two palettes that have become fond favourites over the year and well, let me reintroduce you to them. I'm so in love with the chocolate orange palette I wrote a whole post about it and I'm not afraid to admit that nothing has changed. I have however switch this up a little and use shades from both this palette and the revolution velvet rose palettes which creates such a subtle look which I *think* really compliments my eyes. 

I won't be surprised if you've seen all these pieces on my blog time and time again... so I'll try not bore you too much about them. 

I've given up trying to find new foundations now, my skin reacts best to rimmel's match perfection whether it's just I've found the colour that suits me back or it's the general coverage - it's been my favourite for a while. I rediscovered dream matte mouse last summer when picking up products for my aunts wedding (this creamy foundation works best for my mom's skin) and once it had served its purpose for the day, I didn't really want it going to wastes - so I tend to use this under my eyes and my cheeks when they need a little extra coverage. 

Remember way back when, when all the bloggers were raving about collection's concealer? Well, same. And apparently I've taken on everyones recommendations and haven't really moved past this concealer since but my contouring however - that's had a recent upgrade, up until last month I was swearing by Kate moss' contour palette it was the only shade I trusted...however after I was scrapping at the last little bits it was time for a change. I'd picked up the hd powder contour for a friends birthday present and had been intrigued by it since. What I love the most is the variation of shades, which will work in my favour throughout summer when I'm a little more bronzed, yay! 

For yearsss, I've been determined to master the 'cat flick' when it comes to eyeliner and every eyeliner I purchased just didn't suit me. Either the pens were too thick, too flimsy or dried out within a couple uses and about a year ago I picked up the elf eyeliner (for only £3 too!!) and I've not stopped repurchasing it since. I then complete every look with the rimmel volume colourist I'm still getting used to the wand but it gives my lashes soooo much extra length and I love it. 

I still keep things really simple and complete the look with a nude, either my staple colour drama pencil or my latest choice of nix lingerie

See, a simple makeup look. Literally can take 5/10 minutes if I'm in that sort of rush. 

What's your staple pieces for your everyday makeup routine? 

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