Well it's certainly been a while since I last shared any TV and film content...which was actually some of my favourite to create, so I'm finally giving myself that kick up the arse and bringing it back. 
And what's even better is I'm doing it with a post I've been stupidly excited to share for a couple weeks now; yay for limited time and low energy for postponing this so much, hey we're back again for now. 
Something I've not done for a while and totally gutted about is having a huge TV binge; whether it's finding a new favourite or rediscovering an old gem but there's just a couple of TV shows I'll always go running back too, the same shows that I'm constantly encouraging (anyone who will listen) to join me on the binge watching, and I'm fairly certain I talked SO much about these shows a couple years ago but here we again again, don't judge me. 

I think the truth behind me wanting to share this post is an excuse to dust off my old box sets and have a good ol' binge of everything - one tree hill has been on the watch list for the best part of 2019. I've noticed recently how lucky I am being signed up to so many subscription services and being a little DVD collector a couple years ago as I have almost all my favourites on hand whenever I feel like it.

During my teen years I would love switching off from the world and watching as many american teen drama's as possible; my escape from reality was to wish that one day I was living the lavish live's of the girls I was watching on my TV, actually still a lil' disappointed my life hasn't turned out like that tbh. 

1. ONE TREE HILL - possibly my all time favourite. 
2. GILMORE GIRLS - my v close second. 
3. THE O.C. 
4. 90210 - so tacky it's great! 
6. UGLY BETTY - i've recently rediscovered on amazon prime and i'm v excited. 
7. GOSSIP GIRL - i was always shook watching this. 
8. SKINS - how I always imagined college to be & it never was. 
11. GLEE 
13. SUMMERLAND - I'd have to watch this via youtube & it was all b/c of Zac Efron. 

One of my favourite things about re-watching my original favourites is the nostalgia behind it, falling in love with Lucas Scott and desperately wanting to be like Peyton Sawyer. Waking up an hour earlier for school just to watch Dawson's Creek on channel 5 and getting through half a season of The O.C when off sick from school. All these shows had some part in my growing up and I actually adore them because of it.

I'm currently attempting to finally finish season 6 of Glee (I can't believe I never finished watching this show) and then I'll be using any and all my free time to watch Ugly Betty and I couldn't be more excited about it.

What were your favourite teen drama's growing up? Which will you always recommend?


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