The final day of any holiday always sucks but leaving Disney is almost 10x as shitty, I think I just want to be immersed in the magic for as long as possible and the final day before travelling home just sucks, okay? 

With it being our last day, we started our day in like the rest in discoveryland for breakfast before revisiting all our favourite bits of the trip, this obviously meant more visits round the shops, one last cheeky treat and indulge the snacks from our fav spot on Main Street. We spent more of the day dipping between the parks, I finally got the girls on twilight zone: tower of terror (which is my all-time fav ride) and we continued to revisit our favs from our 4 day trip. This obviously included Alice's teacups, Hyperspace mountain and one final attempt at getting onto the pirates of the Caribbean ride (which was either too busy or had broken down on every one of our attempts). We also kept an eye out on big thunder mountain a ride I hadn't been on since my first trip in 2001(?) but unluckily the wait time for this ride was almost over an hour and not something we were willing to do.

We spent most of this day in and around adventureland...one of my fav finds on this day was le passage enchante d'Aladdin a cave inspired walk through of Aladdin, something so simple but so quaint, we had lunch just next door at agrabah cafe which is another buffet dining of mediterranean food - unfortunately not my favourite but no real complaints. 

Throughout most of the week we always caught the hourly performances of princess and pirates which kept us thoroughly entertained but due to either being distracted or being nowhere near Main Street at that time of day (which fyi, I think the parade always typically runs everyday between 4-5pm) and being as we'd missed the main parade every time we had plenty of time to get settled in and waited for the parade to start, I'd actually only caught this parade the once on my visit back in 2015 so it was nice see it all again and enjoy the experience. It was so magical to see the characters and the excitement that it brings to everyone watching, seeing the interaction between characters, cast members and all the guests made it all the more entertaining. Obviously we fell in love with Peter Pan (again) and we had some fan girl moments over the princesses giving us a little wave, oh and Mary Poppins too!   

We well and truly took this final day to catch everything and catch it in the best way possible, after a day of simple wandering and not stressing too much about what we *NEEDED* to see, we took our time just wandering around the main park, soaking everything in and using the time for any last minute photos we wanted to catch. 

After years of watching videos and keeping up with Disney bloggers and vloggers, I knew it was essential that we watched Disney illuminations as close as possible to the castle on at least one of our days in Disney. We'd agree that our final night was the best time for that, so we grabbed ourselves a Nutella crepe and a hot chocolate and went and found a spot as close as possible to the castle and got ourselves set up for over an hour and waiting for the show to start and no lie, it was PERFECT. We'd watched the show almost every night beforehand, I knew exactly what I was expecting but seeing it so close to the castle and being surrounded by my best pals and all the lights, music and all the fireworks, it was such a perfect ending to our trip. 

We then headed back to our hotel and had our meal plan at La Cantina the restaurant on site which was super chilled and we went back to the hotel and got ready for our final morning in the park before our trip back home. 

Me and J have been talking about coming to Disneyland, making that my fourth trip to the park and his first and whilst it's only plans right now (stupid money worries) I'm so excited to be able to take him to one of my favourite destinations. 

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