Right I'm making no excuses for how long it's taken for this post to go live. I'll blame pure laziness and we'll move on, fair deal? We took a big family holiday down to Cornwall back in April '19 and it was bloody amazing. 

My nan turned 70 at the beginning of the year and as a birthday treat we got the whole family to spend the week in Padstow, Cornwall - sisters, cousins, nieces, sons, daughters, grandkids and all other relatives who were able to visit throughout the many of as possible travelling from different parts of the country, all together for the first time in *possibly* five years and I may not have everyones verdict of this week, but I bloody loved it. 

Padstow is fairly popular within our family, we've visited several times over the years, mostly due to the fact we've had family living there and even my own brother moved there for a short time period. Whether it's been short stays to visit the family, special occasions or just simply a holiday; this corner of Cornwall is kind of special for us all now, so it was pretty fitting that we went on this trip. 

We stayed across two cottages during our visit - both holding 8-10 people. Some could only make a couple of the days, whilst the rest of us stuck around for the entire week. We loved it so much last time my uncle booked the same cottage we rented back in 2015 My parents, brother, my aunt, uncle and two cousins all spent the week in sunny corner cottage, it was so spacious, each room had it's own bathroom and it also had a games room (which we didn't actually use much compared to our last stay). I spent the week sharing a room with my cousin and it was so so lovely to spend some girly time with her as we live so far apart.

We arrived on late morning/early afternoon on the Sunday, after a quick cuppa, unpack and freshen up, we headed to the pub; the pickwick inn (owned and ran by nan's cousins). A typical theme for this holiday is that we spent many nights either at the pub, seeing relatives we hadn't for a while and drinking as much alcohol as possible - so plenty of hangovers were nursed during the week and on the morning after a night of drinking, half of the group (me included,hi) heading on a lil trip to do a lil (hugeeee) zip was so much fun and even my mom and nan got involved, hilarious. Obviously we took a trip to see more family members and ate some delicious food at the halfway house - Chilli chips are a must if you're ever in the neighbourhood!?

During the week we got together (again at the Pickwick) had the whole family together and properly celebrated my nan's birthday, we had the most gorgeous food and we didn't stop drinking all evening. Spending time with my aunts, uncle and my cousins was something that really filled my heart with joy, seeing relatives and getting to hear stories about their past and hearing all the heartwarming stories about my great-grandparents, honestly was beautiful and something I could easily do for hours.

Before you think this week was filled with only alcohol; I promise you we took this chance to relax as much as possible bewteen all the activities we did too - we went on a bike ride along the camel trial and I haven't been on a bike since I was many 14(?) so that was a little daunting, we rode our bikes into Padstow, grabbed fish and chips and ice creams in between our hundredth attempt at crabbing....which we weren't very successful at. The majority of the group went to an escape room...being enclosed in a room filled with puzzles is my idea of hell, so I sat that one out.

We spent the majority of the week altogether and it was perfect. We'd head into Padstow almost every other day, we took it in turns to make dinner each evening, headed to the pub for a couple pints afterwards and just really took the opportunity to spend time together and personally that was my favourite part of it all. 


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