I've kind of rediscovered these snaps from Disneyland Paris recently and I've been sat reminiscing on our visit back in February - which fyi feels like a lifetime ago. Shamefully I've only recently managed to share all my travel diary posts, damn you lack of time and blogging motivation but it's nice to see that this trip is still fresh on my blog and luckily keeps it quite fresh in my mind too. 
In a recent turn of events, I'm now a cast member at my local Disney Store and guys I'm so blooming excited. My first shift is this week and I'm both a mix of nervous and excited to see what's in store but don't you worry I'll try and keep you updated on how my first month goes. 

Anyway, fun news out the way. I just couldn't resist sharing these snaps! About an hour before we boarded our Eurostar we'd realised we'd completely forgotten to pick ourselves up some disposable cameras, so we franticly searched the station in the hopes that somewhere would stock them and just a heads up if you're ever in a similar position...check out boots they literally have everything. But the three of us each had a camera and it was really fun to be able to capture a completely different vision of our trip and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. 

we stayed at the Hotel Santa Fe on our 5 day trip. 
princess and pirates kept us entertained regularly everyday. 
the flying elephant ride is one of my fond favourites; filled with a mix of memories and stories 
waiting for our final disney illuminations display. 
twilight zone tower of terror is legit my favourite ride. 
one final goodbye to the park before our trip home. 

I didn't want to share too much about this trip within this post but if you are interested in seeing our trip I shared four of our days on my travel diaries, here. Me and J are now looking into options of going to Paris in the next few months and I'm already making lists of rides, restaurants and just a general of everything I'm desperate to share with him, luckily for him he'll have his own personal tour guide and I can't wait. 

I'm hoping to share a couple more posts related to Disney so if you have anything you want to see in the near future, please don't hesitate to get in touch I'd love to hear everyones ideas! 


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