Remember that time when I said I wanted to make this post a regular thing, well that was May and I'm only just getting round to writing #2. I'd be ashamed how I tried to make yet another blog promise and didn't stick to it but I'm not surprised by my own behaviour. 

Although in this time I have decided to give this post a little make over, rather spending too much time focusing on one week at a time...because let's be realistic, I won't be able to keep up. Instead I'm going to make this more of a monthly thing. 

Thankfully though things are beginning to pick up lately, my mental health is slowly getting back to a place where I'm finding things easier again, I've got some really fun things to tell you and well, I have some images left over from my trip to Portugal that I wanted a good excuse to share them....and obviously a lil' outfit post combined with a lifestyle update is the perfect blogger solution.


I had some time off in the beginning of September, it was glorious! One of the days I spent all morning/afternoon in my pjs in bed - trust me it was a massive shock to my system but overall that time off was something I'd desperately needed. 

I talk more about the reasons for this time off in my post, here.

Personally I have spent the majority of September reeling from the last few months, coming to terms with a couple of life changes and just working on some self-care and it's been bloody fantastic. Luckily for quality blog content, that means I've got so much to talk about today, sooooo much to talk about.

I started a new job this months - I talk about the reasons behind starting fresh and everything in my new beginnings post. I'm still in the settling in period, I'm getting used to the store & the people I work with. I *think* I'm making an impression and I know its about to get a whole lot busier with the Christmas period approaching. I wish I had more of an update for you but I've only been there for a few weeks so not much more to shout about, but yay for settling in!

At the beginning of the month I'd arranged to celebrate leaving the company with pals from my old job, myself and two others were leaving roughly the same week so we combined the celebrations for all of us and omg, we had such a good turn out. It was so nice to see people outside of work, to be able to relax and not have so much stress on my shoulders and the fact everyone was so encouraging and excited to see my venture off was amazing. 


It's been a long time coming since I last had the opportunity to sit back and just watch TV shows and oh my god, I'm so glad. I'm not sure whether it's been due to lack of time or whether I just couldn't find anything that I was too overly bothered by, but guess what, I've recently discovered 13 reasons why and I've been watching it non-stop since!? I've been watching Ugly Betty as and when I can and  we've been trying to watch Dawson's Creek. Thankfully finding all these series to watch I'm no longer feeling guilty for spending all my moneys on streaming subscriptions. 

We celebrated a couple days back my auntie's who are expecting their first baby! We're about to have a little one back in our family, yay! I have a close relationship with both of my aunts and it was amazing to watch all the family in our place to celebrate the two of them and the start of their family! They had specialised cocktails, two were named after them, I made sure I tested all them (of course), we played lots of games and we ate so much was bloody wonderful! 

I don't think I've told you lot enough how amazing my boyfriend is?! Well, let me just remind youse all over again because this month J surprised me with a spa break as a treat for leaving my job and I've been wanting to cry every time I think about how sweet that is. He booked us an over night stay at Moor Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield, we arrived to our room on a Sunday to a complimentary bottle of fizz, we took some time to chill in the pool, we contemplated the gym (but nahhh) and we had spa treatments booked in the late afternoon before a 3 course meal - which was the nicest roast beef dinner I have ever eaten. 

My favourite part of this weekend was the opportunity to spend that quality time together; with us both working constantly throughout the summer, my job changing and just a number of reasons we felt we we're getting these full days together. It was such a chilled weekend, we had no pressures to do anything and J got to watch Rocky 2 in bed after our huge meal, whilst I edited the photos I'd taken throughout the day (yeah, you know blog post is coming soon)...and I actually think that's his favourite part of the weekend. 

Honestly, I didn't think September would be this good to me. In the middle of summer I'd hit such a low, something I go into detail in my feeling the burn out post, so I just decided to take September as my fresh start, no pressures, take things as they come and just see what comes of it.

There's so much I still wish I could've accomplished but I've been trying to remind myself that it's okay to take a step back every now and then and to just relax when I need to. 

Hows September treated you? Any exciting news? 

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