22.9.19 Birmingham, UK

Right so let's start off with the most vital piece of information for this post. 

I quit my job.

It all sounds like some hilarious fun and games that I did it but I promise you, it was not. After plenty of sleepless nights, lots of thorough conversations and visiting the doctors, this felt like my best option. 

This has essentially been a long time coming, I talk briefly about it in my feeling' the burn out post and all the reasons that led me to make this quite drastic decision. I'd been struggling with my mental health quite heavily since May (possibly earlier) but I'd been trying to convince myself I'd find a way through and unfortunately for me, it just wasn't happening. I was a completely drained version of myself, I was too exhausted to do anything, my memory has been massively effected and one of the biggest causes of this was my work place. 

I know it's not ideal for everyone to make this decision but sometimes it's necessary. 


I handed in my notice at the beginning of August with no other job in place but at this point, I wasn't worried. I believed this would be the perfect opportunity for me, it's not like I wasn't already applying for jobs and just hoped one of them would come through for me.

I've been excited to use September and to regenerate my blog, get my creativity buzzing again and oh my god, I had less than 10 days off at the beginning of September and instantly felt this need for creating content, I've been able to work on blog posts and my engagement on my social media's had increased too - simply because I had time and energy. 

Since I started my blog in 2013 I've been so confident I want to work within social media, PR or content creating and over the years I've lost track of that side of my life; I'd stopped making as much content and over time no longer worked with the small biz' on their content, I constantly felt like I was struggling with writers block and just gave up. So I wanted to make this the come back year and due to timings it just wasn't happening, until this month. I've been having so much help from J, whether it's working on joint ideas or on my own content; going out and taking photos or just giving me the time and space to work on things. Also not getting too annoyed when I spent an extra 30 minutes on Instagram because that engagement is essential. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is, September has already been a good month for the blog. I've been working on more things and have been able to find the time to be the blogger I loved being a couple years ago. I'm also really excited to get started on my photography course which has been bookmarked on my computer for the last 3 months...I'll get started on it eventually, I promise. 

I tried to convince everyone that I was fine with the idea of being unemployed, especially not knowing when I'd next find a job. I'd tell people that I was excited for the opportunities I could find through my online project - but let's be realistic, I've not made any money from blogging in years, I rarely work with companies and it wasn't going to be a source of income anytime soon. You can imagine I was actually extremely nervous about this but fake it til' ya make it right? AND GUESS WHAT, after 2 weeks I actually managed to secure myself a job!? 

And the really cute part, it's at the Disney store. It's only a part time job, the hours are quite low to begin with but it's so much better than being unemployed and will still give me plenty of time to work on my blog, the photography course and even looking into more courses that are more suited to the career I'm after - I'm thinking digital marketing, SEO training etc. 

September really is a clean slate for me, saying goodbye to a toxic work environment, starting a new job role and just focusing my attention on things that will eventually make me feel like me again. I can't wait to bring you all on this journey too, so if you're interested in my life and mental health updates, please let me know? 


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