It's been two months since our holiday and yes, I'm still reeling from it. You can read all about our week in Albufeira, here

What I've noticed throughout September is that you're either team autumn or team summer. Either who's ready to say hello to autumn or who's holding onto the last days or summer. 

Personally I'm somewhere in between, more often than not I tend to be one of the first to jump into autumnal comforts, but I've been holding onto the last little bit of summer a bit longer than usual this year. But when you work in retail, summer holidays are basically non-existent and with my lil' bit of freedom throughout September I've decided it's the perfect opportunity for me to extent my 'summer holidays'. 


...Oh-kayyyyy, the truth is it's taken me forever to finally upload some of my snaps from our holiday in June so I'm taking every opportunity to share everything too. 

You may have missed my recent post about how I've been feeling' burnt out and after feeling pretty low in the last couple of months, I've decided it's time to work on bringing myself 'back' and in some ways I've been trying since the start of August. I guess once you breakdown into tears to multiple people, quit your job and start noticing issues with your sleeping and eating habits, you actually begin to recognise the depression you've been experiencing. 

The truth is between all my dark phases during the summer and between the sleeping and working (which I believed was all I've done all summer long), I've actually managed to find sometime to socialise, spending some quality time with friends and have a handful of fuckin' fun adventures, so lets celebrate it shall we? 

Summer for me really started back in May; it began with a group of us out for the weekend to celebrate Birmingham Pride and it was perfect. I worked Pride events for four years and over the last two years I've actually been able to watch the parade and enjoy the celebrating rather than working 12 hour days all weekend. I went with girls from my dance school and it was hilarious and so much fun. This same weekend we watched one of my pals from work get married, I spent the afternoon with some of the friends I've made in my time at Odeon. 

Many birthday's were celebrated this summer too; the first was a surprise party for an old friend's girlfriend which resulted in lots of shots, a whole night filled with embarrassing selfies AND the worst headache the next morning. We also celebrated Sam's birthday with a prosecco afternoon tea, lots of 2-4-1 cocktails and catching with our old friend Emily and it was wonderful. We also celebrated Josh's birthday on our first day of our holiday, his 4am wakeup call on his 28th wasn't something that filled him with lots of joy I'm sure! An old friend from college also celebrated her 26th in style during the summer - yep, we dressed up as Bavarian maids, I was embarrassed at first but omg that night was so much fun. Having these opportunities to finally spend some quality time and to celebrate my loved ones was, well perfect. 


Me and J spent 10 days house & cat sitting for a friend and we were given this glimpse of life having our own home and it was bloody wonderful. We also celebrated the success of our dance show with an 80's party, I went as Madonna and J went as a glam rocker and I got to put makeup on him, we got v drunk and it was a big laugh. 

I also recently spent the weekend with my gals and our pals in Essex. One of my besties, Laura, has recently moved down to Essex so four of us went down to visit her for the bank holiday weekend. It was so nice to just chill out, have drinks, oh and we spent one of the days at the beach..and we all know how much I love the beach! One of mine and J's first 'plans' we wanted to make together was taking a trip somewhere to attend friendsfest and the last week of August we headed to Bristol for three days to do just that. I'm currently writing a separate post from this trip so that'll be uploaded soon. 

Let's just say summer '19 has been a wild ride. J has made everything about this year so special and this summer is no different - from our holiday to our weekends away, to walking me into work on the days when my panic attacks were at there worst and for just generally making sure I had a smile on my face by the end of the day and I'm so grateful for him so thanks bub!?

Summer was a weird one but a bloody good one too, I can't wait to see what the rest of this year has in store for me.


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