6.9.19 Birmingham, UK

I may not be the most knowledgeable travel blogger, heck this year is the first time in a seriously long time that I've really taken the opportunity to travel around a bit and I know, I know summer is over and we're all getting excited for autumn, so why the hell am I sharing travel tips now...well, I originally took the photos 2 months ago buttttt ya girl hasn't really had the opportunity to get much written until recently. Bit shit ain't it, but then again, travelling isn't only limited to the summer yay for quality content.   

That being said, over the last couple months I've picked up a couple quick tips and tricks I wanted to share with you. 


With a mix of travel anxiety and general worries when going away, in the hopes of keeping myself as relaxed as possible I tend to create lists upon lists when packing, plan outfits dependant on days and plans  I try my very best to get everything sorted a couple days before leaving (trust me, the days when I'm having to do it last minutes, it's such a struggle) and I try to make sure I've got anything with me that'll keep me comfortable.

My favourite thing to do when packing for a holiday or any trip is to plan my outfits in advance, this as a general just makes everything simple for me. I then only need to pack the essential outfits rather than overpacking my bag...obviously I take one or two 'extra's' but already this is cutting down the size of my bag instantly. 


One of the most important things to me is making sure I have my tech essentials - on our most recent holiday I made sure we had a portable charger and wireless speakers ready and charged for our trip, this just made it easier when heading out for the day, we knew we always had a charger at don't want to be out in a new country without access to your phone, unimaginable really. The wireless speakers was just so we had some music at a good volume in our hotel and balcony at all time, I did worry throughout the trip that it was too loud and was disturbing others when in reality it was possibly on the lowest volume. Other bits like camera's, tripods and phone photography gadgets are at hand too; for J's birthday I purchased a tripod which he could use for his iPhone and had hoped to find my attachable lenses for my phone, but unfortunately didn't find them soon enough. 

I always forget my comfortable shoes and let me tell you, wearing brand new shoes is always the worst idea when you're spending the day wondering around. One my first visit to DLP I took my brand new Dr. Martens and made sure I didn't make the same mistake again, instead made sure I had my more comfortable trainers at hand and it made the hours walking round the parks so much more comfortable...maybe save your newest shoes for the day you know you'll be doing a whole lot less, like a cute day by the poolside or summit. 

Obviously sun lotion and after sun is a must but more importantly during the summer or in any hot countries, I mean not only to save you from the pain of the sleepless nights and uncomfortable days when you get sunburn but to also protect your skin in general, oh and always make sure you take a full bottle with you as paying prices in other countries can sometimes take the piss. 

And I mean for most, moisturiser is just an essential in their makeup bag but for this girl who's super lazy with her makeup's something I'm always forgetting. But especially when travelling via plane and into countries of different climates, making sure you've got the products to keep your skins smooth and as fresh as possible is vital. 

Like most of us beauty users, I have drawers and bags filled with all my makeup, all serving a different purpose and all equally important in our makeup routine, trust me I know. But I try my best when getting away that I only pack the bare minimum - I mean that one eyeshadow palette I can't live without, foundation, concealer, contour palette, mascara and eyeliners and usually that's all I really need. Majority of the time because I'm using such a small make-up bag it really doesn't take too much room or add any extra weight. 

For a girl who's short sighted, this means lotsssss of products. I have my everyday glasses, sunglasses and if I have them on hand, my contact lenses too and frustratingly if I forget even just one I'm kind of screwed for my time away. So obviously it's always essential I triple check that everything's packed. 


Life feels a little up in the air at the moment but I'm hoping in the next couple of months it begins to settle down and we can start planning our next trips - we're hoping to head to Edinburgh near November so I'll be sure to share that lil' trip with you. 

Where's your next trip? Do you often head to sunnier places during our autumnal months? 

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