18.10.19 Birmingham, UK

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Well, 2019 certainly has been a crazy one, a big test on my emotions and so far I've made it through and I'm pretty damn proud of that. Just due to all the things that have been happening throughout this year I've used September as my fresh start, almost as though I'm finally starting my New Years resolutions - just 9 months too late, oops?

This all being said, my fresh start has got my thinking about the next three months, what I want to happen and what I want to achieve. 

Being as September has been such a lil success in my little world, I'm really excited for what the rest of the year has in store for me. 


I'll be honest here; my biggest focus at the moment is my new job. I like to think I have a fairly strong work ethic anyways, so I'm really hoping to dive into and learn as much as possible and to prove to myself that leaving my previous job really was for the best. 

I'm hoping over the next few weeks I begin to get more hours, learn the role better and overall just impress the people I work for. As far as I'm aware I'm doing really well already BUT here's hoping thats 100% true. 

One of the best things about my new job is that during my time between jobs and having more days off in general, I've been able to take a step back and recognise when I need to take advantage of my time off and I am living for it. Obviously I've done the very typical thing of date days, seeing pals but I've also been able to just have pure lazy days, I've been watching so much more on Netflix and Amazon (13 Reasons Why & One Tree Hill are my latest obsessions). So the rest of the year I want to be able to recognise the times I need to be working but also when I need time off and not feel guilty for it. 

Obviously I've been fighting to find time to blog in-between it all; which is slowly started to fit into place, yay! 

I'm going to spent more free time to keep watching new TV shows and actually taking more time out to go to the cinema to watch more films but I also want to be able to read more. I tend to pick up a couple of books from the charity shops and always forget to read them...So alongside my other attempts of self-care I'm going to spend sometime in the day to switch off social media, escape reality and read a damn good book. 


I think more than anything I wanted to focus on myself a lot more this year as I think there's been aspects of my life where I've neglected some of my basic needs. 

But I also want to focus on other lil' changes I can make in my every day life. This month I've been a little more conscious about what I've been eating; I've cut bread out of my diet (well, I'm trying anyways) I've started trying alternative milks and I'm actually attempting to add more foods into my diet too, oh and trying to cut out takeaways...but sometimes the opportunity is too good to say no! 

I've been really unhappy with my body recently, I've been suffering with a variety stomach cramps and so now I want to look after myself a little more. 

J & I have been saving up for the last couple of weeks and we want to be a little more serious with it in the coming months. It's really difficult with our current job situations but even if its a slow and steady...we want to save enough that we can move out and oh my days, it's gotten me so excited. I've already started hitting those Pinterest boards, so fingers crossed the next couple of months are kind to us ey! 

SO, I think this was a big rambling mess wasn't it. Congratulations if you stuck around for it. 

The basics of this post is that I want to do well in work, I want to save my money AND I want to stop feeling guilty for my days off. Sounds easy doesn't it, hmmm... 

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