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Unfortunately for me I said goodbye to free cinema tickets last month when I finished working with Odeon and that's been one of the biggest draw backs of my decision. Although I'll still continue my cinema trips as a paying customer I thought I'd give one last shout out to my favourites so far for this year. 

Don't worry I'm well aware that we're only a few months away from 2020 and this would've been a perfect way to end the year but when an idea comes around...(and that doesn't happen often) I'm just going to run with it. 


Every year the cinematic releases are expected to be more epic than the next and this year really was one of those years, in fact almost every other week we were dealing with another release; lion king, toy story 4 and avengers were some of the biggest. 

Working in a cinema everyone has this opinion that you have all the time to watch every release and whilst were lucky it's still a battle to watch them, unless you get less than 3 hours sleep before a shift because you're so determined to watch Avengers: End Game....yeah Tom, I'm talking about you! 

Personally I think this year I've watched more favourites than I really imagined; some took me surprise and others I'd been waiting for the release date for quite some time. Either way I've been really lucky to be able to add some of this years onto my favourite movies list. 



Being as I've mentioned it a couple times already; let's start with a fond favourite. Thanks to the pals I've made at the cinema, the marvel films became a big bond for us all, we've enjoyed watching the avengers films together and we made sure that this was one of them. I'll be honest it's just a little too long, so many storylines to follow - which is understandable considering they're finishing the stories of some of the characters but fo'sure some of the scenes could've been cut out or cut down as they just seemed unnecessary. Overall though, it had so many emotions, they ended every characters story and focused on each of them perfectly. I was howling and I was an emotional wreck, the whole cinema screen was sat in silence which was intense. It was actually kind of great. 

Yes Marvel! Good job! 


Now this is the one I've been waiting for and I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. Not only has it made my love for Taron Egerton even bigger (are we even surprised) but I've also fallen a lil for Elton John and his music. The fantasy biopic tells the story of Elton's success, what was really happening behind all the fame, home life and through the years of his drug abuse - something I didn't really know about and looked more into is fame and career when I left the cinema. What I liked most is it told his story in such an usual way to typical storytelling, not just you're typical scenes but included quite ambitious music/musical scenes, it kept me involved and intrigued the entire time, also kind of obsessed with the music too. 

I loved this so much I watched it a couple times in cinema and totally getting it on DVD when I can, a solid 10/10! 


Ah, you see this one shocked me, I honestly thought I'd hate the film and instead I absolutely bloody loved it. A proper British comedy with Nick Frost, Dawyne Johnson AND Vince Vaughn about Paige the British WWE wrestler. It's such a fun film, it has British heart and hearing about the story behind a female wrestler was a lot more interesting than I imagined, although J wasn't as keen when we first watched it and he's the WWE fan!? The comedy and film making had such a twist of both British and American vibes to it but I think it a weird way that completely complimented the whole thing, also I think I have a slight girl crush on Florence Pugh!? 



Hand on heart I was actually dreading this film, I couldn't believe this film would be any good and why bother remaking a classic?! But man was I was great, I was completely immersed with the colours and the music, how they developed more of a storyline for Jasmine and Jafar and how it added so much more to the original story. Will Smith actually did a really good job of Genie (honestly my biggest fear), new songs were also added and I had them playing on Spotify as soon as we arrived home. Disney I don't know why I doubted you, please forgive me! 


Ah, another Disney film I wasn't too sure about and again another I was impressed with. Dumbo wasn't a massive favourite of mine growing up, it wasn't that I hated it, it's just it made me so sadddd. Baby Mine gets to me overtime!! Again, they extended the storyline and some of the characters arcs and due to the original only being 64 minutes long, this felt necessary. Colin Farrell surprises me in every film I watch and I well and truly fell in love with a CGI elephant which I didn't think was possible. 


OH.MY.GOD. This one was intense. The story follows a man and his dog, Milo Ventimiglia's character picks up a puppy on his way home and the film basically follows their life together, him chasing his dreams, falling in love and having a family; the whole idea is that the dog adores his owner so much he's trying to grasp whats needed for him to be a good human when he becomes one in his next life. The film as a whole is very predictable, I don't want to talk too much about what happens as you'll just figure everything out before you even see the film, but these films do typically become my favourites. Honestly, oh my life, I cried the throughout the entire film, it was beautiful and I just completely love the broke my heart but I loved it!  

To be honest most films I've watched this year I've loved, so I thought it would be best to add some honourable mentions...those that didn't quite make that final cut: 

I've always enjoyed escaping to the cinema, watching all the newest releases and being able to work within one for four years was unforgettable, so I don't want the bad memories stop me from enjoying one of my most valued forms of escapism and hopefully it'll mean I enjoy trips to the cinema so much more. 

What's been your fav film this year? Have you seen all these or have I missed some of your favourites off the list?

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