23.10.19 Moor Hall Dr, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield B75 6LN, UK

I don't think anyone needs reminding how bloody fab J is...but imma go ahead and tell you anyways. Back in September J planned a trip to Moor Hall Hotel & Spa as a mini getaway and it was quite simply perfect. 

We stayed for one night but sometimes thats all you need. 

And I felt so stupidly refreshed after the break that I'm actually a little desperate to get back there. This trip was actually my leaving present when I left my job at the beginning of the month. I'd been so stressed out in my final few months at work, that J thought this was something that I needed to celebrate the fact and luckily for him it was just what the both of us needed. 

Moor Hall Hotel is hidden within a neighbourhood in Four Oaks, Birmingham so fairly close to home, just a short train journey actually but it felt like we were somewhere completely different. We were surrounded by the golf course thats connected to the hotel but it was so peaceful. Sadly our room didn't have a very scenic view, instead we could see into other guests rooms BUT on the other side of the hotel there was this beautiful lil fairy walk that we went on, I was completely memorised with the water fountain - it was like something out of the secret gardens...

When we arrived we were welcomed with a bottle of bubbly and a selection of chocolates...which J took pleasure in eating before dinner - we've been staying at a couple of different hotels over the course of this year and this was the nicest welcome I've had so far, so big points over here. 

We arrived about 3pm and had treatments booked for 5, so we got settled into our room, chilled out before running down to the pool area...being as it was a Sunday afternoon there was only a handful off people using the facilities which I think made the whole experience all the more relaxing for us both, with me being quite a socially nervous person and J never having done a spa break before, the quieter it was, the better! 

I took a short little dip in the pool and spent a little time in the sauna room, we both were desperate for some time in the jacuzzi but it was pretty full with other couples and I wasn't about to jump in on their personal space, awkward like. 

We both opted for the back massage as we both suffer with back pain and just needed some help getting rid of those knots and tension, I was in pure bliss for my 30 mins, she worked on areas that have been pretty tough on me and J said the lady worked through so many of his knots he literally felt the release...

After our massages we just took the time to refresh from our treatments, went for a walk around the grounds, had a quick drink at the bar (with such a gorgeous view of the golf course) before heading back to our room to get ready for our evening meal. 

Our room was on the first floor so we were literally a two second walk from the restaurant. We were booked for a three course meal and it was delicious! We had tomato & red pepper soup for starters, something I wasn't really a fan of until this visit and could go at our leisure to collect our main course, much to my happiness was Sunday roast, I picked the Beef, pigs in blankets and stacked as much roasties on my plate as possible - it was beautiful!  

What I love most about these dinner dates is the opportunity we have to just chat, either catch up on things we'd missed throughout the week or just reminding myself we've barely been together a year and we've got so much more to learn about each other and our stories and it just feels me with so much joy. 

We were up fairly early the next morning to make it in time for breakfast...which was in the same place as dinner the night before and was buffet style full English breakfast so we definitely took advantage of this. 

We checked out and headed home, it was quite a miserable day when we travelled home so we continued our mini weekend in the comforts of our own bed and watch movies until it was back to reality the following day. Our mini getaways are some of my favourite memories, lets continues this please J? Thank you x 

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