Although I'm fairly certain I've only shared this on my Instagram, you may have missed me announce we're going to Disneyland Paris. Luckily for me I've been able to experience DLP a few times now, once as a child and a couple times in my 20s...and one of those times was just earlier this year (which you can catch all my travel diaries, here). 

With Disney being on our Wishlist for quite a while and just using this year as our year of holidays and adventures, we've decided that our last trip before some serious adulting begins, we'd pop over to Paris for a couple days, so this trip is going to be one to remember. J is just as excited for this trip as I am, we've been watching Disney youtubers and making so many plans for the days we're there...We've both collected a list of rides, restaurants and everything in between ready for the time we arrive, like seriously - I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. 

We're actually going mid November; which is less than two weeks away so it's actually super close now, which luckily means we've not got forever to wait to see one of my favourite places. 

We've booked our trip via Expedia, we've got our flights booked and we're spending a couple of nights at HiPark by Adagio Serris-Val d'Europe - which has helped cut the cost of the holiday and the hotel is an easy 20 minute walk to/from the park. This will actually be the first time I've visited without staying at Santa Fe Hotel and the first time staying off sight at Disney and  I'm really excited to experience it all a little differently. Well, nervous but excited. 

To continue to keep the cost low; I've spotted that our hotel is close to a supermarket and basically I'm planning on heading over to the supermarket on our first day and getting us stocked up on breakfast food and snacks to take to the parks with us. 

...Also in walking distance we have a Sephora. So that'll be happening next month too! 

With all the excitement in the air, it means a shopping trip is in order and what better way to do it than an old school blogger wish-list, oh boy have I missed creating these! 

Obviously we'll be going in the colder season and we'll be visiting during the Christmas period so obviously we need to wrap up a little warmer than usual but that isn't going to stop me from wearing all da cute tee's...because I think I've come to terms with the fact jeans and a tee it's just my style. 

I'll probably be pairing up all tees and jumpers with a variety of different bottoms - cute patterns skirts, dresses or my trusty culottes! I'm definitely going with the idea of being comfortable and general Disney outfits...but I can't help but arrange all my outfits based on potential outfit posts & all the photo opportunities we'll have around us. 

I've looked through so many online stores for inspiration, but I'm sure I've missed some wonders - so if you have any store recommendations, please send those over! 


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