13.11.19 Birmingham, UK

Whether you're an avid reader of my blog or if we're friends irl you'll probably know that there's something about this time of year that turns me into this complete romantic and even I can't quite put my finger on the reason to why that happens. 

But I bloody love it! 

The crisp air, the crunch in the leaves, the dark nights and cold mornings...I live for it! The hot chocolates, the wrapping up warm and oh my life, the fireworks. Count me in.  

Personally I think it's due to the fact I've been watching far too many rom-com's over the years and in my hopeless romantic teenage years, I believed all the bullshit those films fed me. Over the years I discovered that none of it was really true...yet it gets to November and I'm back in this daze and since being with J I'm happy being called a romantic sap

When I was younger I used to day dream about the days I'd experience this with someone, hand in hand, wrapped up together and sharing those goofy smiles (ew, I know so cringe). But for a girl who hadn't experienced a real relationship at 17, this sounded like it would always be just a dream. Damn, rom-coms!
believing in love again - see the stars
believing in love again - see the stars
believing in love again - see the stars

This all being said; after a date night watching the fireworks me and J were talking about past relationships and other things and it all got me thinking; although I was in a five year relationship before meeting J - this is the first time I've felt that movie-like romance, and it's such a shock to my system. 

When my previous relationship ended I didn't think I'd find love again, personally I didn't think I had the energy for it again but since I'm about to celebrate 365 days of being with J, I'm really glad I didn't completely give up. 

"when you love someone and they break your heart. Don't give up on love, have faith. Restart!" 
Jonas Brothers - Hold On !  

And coincidentally when I started writing this post I was listening to Jonas Brothers (it's a guilty pleasure, don't judge) and the lyrics to Hold On suddenly felt so relatable.

believing in love again - see the stars
believing in love again - see the stars

We met at work just over a year ago, a couple weeks into our new job roles I cheekily asked if he wanted to join me for drinks after our shift ended and he agreed to join me...just for one! 4 hours later and we were still sat in a bar, discussing so much stuff like we'd known each other for years and it was so comforting and let's face it - it was just wonderful. 

And to be honest, we've barely left each others side since. 

I guess the whole point of this post was 1) to show you my fun firework pictures 2) to tell you how grateful I am that this guy came into my life. After my first big heart break I really didn't think it was possible to meet someone again, I thought I was going to be the old spinster lady, the drunk know the stereotypes. But even after one year together, it looks as though that's no longer the case, I fell in love again and actually, learnt a whole lot about my first experience with it (none of it good tbh). 

So, yeah, thanks J for everything. Love you x 


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