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Well this certainly feels weird, it's been a hot minute since my last beauty review... 

It's not that I've lost my passion for my beauty products or even creating makeup looks, it's just that I became a little bit bored of them. And whilst I've been trying to find my footing with blogging again I didn't want to share posts that I wasn't interested in, so I held back for a little while. 

Recently I felt I needed to bring back the variation my blog had once upon a time, sharing more of my interests, getting a little more personal with my posts and having fun with content creating and guys, I've been loving it. I've been able to share more of what I love rather than just the same ol' shit...and I think it's finally paying off, yay! 
current beauty favourites - see the starscurrent beauty favourites - see the stars

All that aside; I really wanted to discuss the beauty products that I've been lovin' lately. A classic current favourites....I bet you've missed these, right? 

To be honest one of my biggest difficulties with this style of post (and the beauty posts in general) was I was creating the exact same makeup look everyday for work, I was repurchasing the same products and just wasn't using much new stuff, so obviously how can you keep creating content with the same products, I'd be bored of writing it tbh. 

But in the last couple of months; whilst some are still fond favourites, I've fallen in love with a couple new bits and pieces, rediscovered some old favourites and I'm just in the mood to share them today!

current beauty favourites - see the stars
current beauty favourites - see the stars

This glittery eyeliner is a game changer for any makeup look. I've tried and tested a couple of different glitter products, typically Barry M pieces and just; it's not that I don't like them, it's just I don't get along with them. For a more fuller glitter look I do tend to use my loose glitter products but  they're just so messy. With this one however theres so much more control on how much I can add, I tend to build it up so it's not too full on and omg the compliments I get, I love it so much! 

My younger cousin actually introduced me to this brand, personally I don't use much in terms of skin care - so this is probably the longest time I've really used a moisturiser! I know, I know, I'm terrible but my skin actually responds better to a small amount of product being used, the more I use...the more likely I am to break out but this one works wonders with my skin, I tend to use it on an evening after taking off my makeup; to give it a little hydration or I'll apply some again in the morning for a similar effect. 

Who's even surprised by the fact I've been trying forever to find a nude lipstick, it tends to be the texture of the products, the shade just isn't perfect for me or I'm just not that in love with it - but it seems this year all my prayers have been answered and omg it's beautiful! Actually a friend from work introduced me to another shade which is a little darker with more deep red tones but in the middle of my search I came across this lil beauty and I haven't looked back since. It's works with my skin tone perfectly, it last a good couple of hours, isn't at all sticky &/or irritating and it so easy to apply without fears of a bad lip line. 

I told my brow lady a couple months ago that I use my eyeshadows to fill in my brows and she looks disgusted, sorry E. BUT it's just all my other products had ran out at this point and I was just too lazy to repurchase anything at the time...mostly because I was desperate to repurchase the benefit ka-brow. With that being so massively out of my price range, I picked up this revolution pot and I've not really looked back since. Not only does it do the trick, but it's so long-lasting in terms of wear and I'm not using up a shit tonne of the product everyday. Realistically for £5 it's a handy lil' tub. 

One of my favourite things about next is their perfumes, not only because they all smell amazing but because of the variety in price range too - well actually, the price is very similar for all of the scents but they have a variety of size ranges to choose from, they come in gift sets and I just feel like we have this endless choice and I'm living for it! I tend to pick up the smallest travel bottles which come up at £4 each, they don't make a massive effect when in my bag and I can top up my scent easily. My last purchase I think was the high school favourite of Just Pink but on my last visit I picked up the Coral Blush scent, it's sweet but not overwhelming and works perfectly for a quick top up when at work or evenings out! 

I have been waiting soooo long to share this with you! By now, I don't think any of you are shocked by my favourite eyeshadow colours, see previous posts; Chocolate Orange Palette and Morphe Second Nature reviews and you'll see my favourite shades - but what I love about this palette is I have a couple different shades to play with; the pinks and purples are actually my favs from the selection. The pigments are fairly strong, they all build up well and work perfectly together. I don't think I have a single complaint about this palette - it also cost £10 what a bargain.

Oh it feels so nice to be back with the beauty bits; lets hope I can share more of these in the future. Please let me know if there's anything you'd want to see from me.... 


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