I really must stop committing myself to blog series when I'm so terrible at getting them out in good time...but this is fun and a good way to remind myself about the good things that are happening in my life, my previous counsellor would be so happy with me working on this kind of happy post. 

Actually that reminds me - I started counselling this month(!?) I went to the doctors and went through self-referral back in July/August and got my first appointment around mid it's talking therapies, to me it feels very informal and I just get to chat with someone with an outside perspective for an hour and I've actually had this form of therapy a number of time now and it really does benefit me. This time round we have decided that my session will be every other week, which will stretch my 6 sessions out nicely, I can talk about any past issues and anything thats causing me trouble during the weeks. 

Even though I feel like I should be, I'm no expert when it comes to counselling but if you'd be interested to hear more about my experiences, please let me know! 

five good things #3 - see the stars

And with that being said; this month has been a bit of a weird one - my granddad is really unwell and has been for a while and it was very likely we were going to loose him this month and although I've been calling him a tough cookie for the last couple years, unfortunately he did pass away at the beginning of November. We're really sad but also comforted by the fact he's no longer in any pain. 

My depression has very much been a cloud over me this month, lots of days when J made sure I had plans or took me out for a coffee just to make sure I didn't spend all my time in bed, a lot of friends doing the same for me too and I'm so very grateful. 

But apart from that; it's been filled with some really nice plans, I rediscovered my love for creativity,  I spent some time with some of my oldest and closes of them being solely responsible for the photographs I'm share with you today...ain't she amazing. (📸: @planetofthegrapes)

five good things #3 - see the starsfive good things #3 - see the stars

I'm not sure what's happening recently but I'm so motivated for my online content; whether it's working on blogging bits or just sharing on Instagram...I just can't stop and I fuckin' love it! I think you're all aware of how difficult it's been for me for the last two years when it came to creating content; it was either such a chore or just non-existent and recently I've been able to focus more free time to creating things - J is so encouraging and that's definitely a reason behind it all, my friends are more aware of what I'm doing online and are all wanting to get involved and I can't get enough of it. 

I wish I could but I don't think I can promise that J won't be mentioned in every one of my monthly reviews (sickening, I know). But when you have a really good're kind of going to shout about it, and we were really lucky this month with all of our date nights. We started the month with a trip to one of my favourite places within the West Mids - and got to welcome J to the wonder that is Black Country Living Museum, I'd gone just a couple weeks beforehand with some pals for a Peaky Blinders night and having gone when I was a kid it was nice to share the experience with him. A couple days later we picked up last minute tickets to see Blood Brothers a show I'd never seen and one of J's favourites and it was wonderful, so powerful! And then between busy weeks at work we headed out on a Friday night for an evening of food and watched The Joker, which was so intense and something we both really enjoyed watching and ended the month with dinner at TGI's before spending the rest of the night with our pals. 

I always considered myself quite a crafty person, I've always loved putting things together and just being generally creativity - but I've felt as if it's been bit of a love/hate relationship over the years. My last crafty experience was when I was doing Project Life back in 2015 and as much as I've been desperate to get back into it I've also really struggled with dedicating my time towards it again. But I've been doing lil bits of prep for DLP and made myself some Minnie Mouse ears, over the week I was able to create 4 different pairs for future trips and I've been considering opening an Etsy store  to sell them at a reasonable price. 
five good things #3 - see the stars

Ah, something so simple has cheered me up so much this month. Not only have we found more time to head into the cinema to watch new films, we've been having so many movie nights at home and it's been the best. We've made our way through so many films in the last few weeks that I created a blog post on it...which is now a two parter - and should be live in the next week or so. I think with the days getting shorter and the seasons changing, I really love spending time in bed with a good movie! J recently got me hooked on Terminator 2 and I can't describe the shock I've been feeling about that. 

Autumn is probably one of my favourite times of year; and with that Halloween should be too but I don't always get too hyped by it and I think this year was one of them but thankfully for me my friends made plans to celebrate the I didn't have to. We started Halloween w/ my uni pal Ellie throwing a party at her home and it was lovely to see her, her partner and the kids and meet their friends too! The guys I used to work with made plans for a night out for Halloween at one of my favourite Birmingham night clubs - but unfortunately it was so busy & we risked it without tickets and couldn't make it in, so by 1am we were eating McDonalds and fast asleep before 2am...ah my favourite kind of evening. And my final plans of the week was with my pal Abbie ^ we spent the day having a lil photo shoot around Birmingham before meeting with a friend of ours and her daughter before watching Hocus Pocus at the Mockingbird Cinema in Digbeth - the cinema was tiny, they had a couple issues with the film & lighting half way through - but other than that my experience their was wonderful at the perfect way to end the spooky season. 

And that was that, fairly jam packed in reality but I was really grateful for this month! Lots of fun things, lots of things to think about and just yeah! I'm kind of hoping that things calm down throughout November to be honest! 

 How was your month? Did you celebrate Halloween? Do you have much planned for November? 

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