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Now, before we begin I'm not going to sing and shout that I know everything about Disneyland Paris but after a couple visits over the years, following plenty of pass holders and frequent visitors, I'm starting to grasp onto some of the 'not to miss' parts of visiting the park. 

I did create a similar post a couple years ago (here) but I wanted to share a little more of an updates version. 

But today I wanted to share with you some of the things that have helped me throughout my last couple of trips - a couple of hints and tips of what you don't want to miss out on and how to make the most of your trip to Disneyland Paris. 

things to do at Disneyland Paris - see the stars

One of the best things about booking to stay on site at the Disney Hotels is that you have exclusive access to the parks for a couple hours before the parks actually open. You don't necessarily need extra magic hours if you're visiting during an off peak season and you're there for more than two days as you can definitely make you're way round each parks without them. BUT if there's anything in particular you're desperate to see, queue times are always way too long, then it's the best way to guarantee you'll see everything on your wish-list. 

One of the biggest lifesavers when at the park is downloading the Disneyland Paris app. It literally has everything you need for the parks in one place; keeps you up to date with any park news, ride closures and refurbishments, dining (menu's and reserving tables etc) and even let you know the timings for meet and greets too! But my personal favourite; the ride times and closures. This just helps you keep on track of everything in one place, on my last visit we use this to check times for queues and rides which was really handy when you've got some time before table bookings or show times and you want to fit in as much as possible between. 

Not only is this great if you're in the parks with some one who isn't a fan of big rides or you're with small children but this also works perfectly for rides that have queue times that just won't go down. Obviously we all love to share our adrenaline but if you're not too bothered about sitting alone on rides, this will cut some of your wait times down by half the time. I've only ever been to the parks during off peak seasons which means queue times are typically 15/20 mins tops; with the exception to a few Ratatouille, Big Thunder Mountain and Peter Pans flight are always almost an hour wait, so if you're desperate to experience the rides but you're impatient, single rider is so handy. 

Only if you were to do this for one day of your visit; I highly recommend setting up early for the shows - whether thats a parade or the illuminations to end the day. I find it a little more difficult when it comes to the Parade as people will get in your way no matter whether you set yourself up and the cast members tend to move you if you're on the end of the walk way. But for the firework show Illuminations on an evening this is so much more manageable - my personal recommendation is to pick up a hot chocolate and either popcorn or a Nutella crepe and get set up in front of the castle ready for the show. Luckily as long as you're set up on Main Street, you'll have no troubles seeing this display, it's just so much more magical when you're a little closer. 

This is the perfect time for photo opportunities, the show and closing times are always different depending on the time of year you attend but once the Illuminations show is over they do start to usher everyone out of the parks, however you do have a short period of time when everyone else has rushed out when they'll be very few people along Main Street. I really love seeing the photos when it looks like you're the only person in the park with all the lights surrounding you! Trust me, if your after opportunities and Instagram photos opps, it's beautiful! 

things to do at Disneyland Paris - see the stars
things to do at Disneyland Paris - see the stars

I've only use this once but it definitely helped keep costs down when you're on site, the only reason we used it in the first place was because we were lucky enough to find a good deal when it came to booking. Whilst it does add to your booking fees to grab the meal plans, once you're on site - you save yourself so much money. The way the system works actually confused me until we used it but essentially everything you need from your hotel key, park entry and your meal plan is all on your card. You hand over the card upon entry to which ever restaurant you're eating at and they swipe away one meal for the day and they do that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There's a list of restaurants you can use with your meal plan and rather than confusing you more - you can find more information here

I'll be honest this is the thing I know the least about - it's not that character meets don't appeal to me, it's just I've either always missed the good ones, the queues were way too long or I was with people who definitely didn't want to wait around. When checking out the Disneyland Paris App last week; I spotted that not only is it a map, queue times etc, etc. It also gives you all the info for character meets too! So on our next trip, I'll definitely be checking which characters are about...I'm sure J doesn't mind. 

I've always heard that there isn't as many cool snacks available in DLP like there is in WDW and so I've never really gone looking for them. I *think* this year they've launched some really cool Halloween and Christmas themed treats. This all being said, one of my favourite things about going to Disneyland is picking up some fresh popcorn, a Nutella crepe or a hot chocolate. Oh and the muffins and hot drinks that are available at Cable Shop Bake Shop and the interior of the store makes it all the more inviting too! 

I've only used this for one of the three trips I've been on and it worked perfectly for that trip! Basically with the photopass + you're able to digitally save all of the photos from the rides (that take photos obvs) and you have them all saved in one place; you had over the little card you receive and they simple swipe the card, collect your image number and it's saved onto your online file; sometimes instantly, sometimes it takes 24 hour. I actually used this 4 years ago so things may have changed - it cost us around $60 but if you're an adrenaline seeker like me, this actually worked out really well as you don't need to pay for every ride photo to be printed. 

And I think that's everything! So far all these little bits work wonders when I'm on my trips and they really help me. Obviously I'll create an updated list if I discover more! 

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? What's your favourite bit? If you could give others advice...what would it be?

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