25.11.19 Birmingham, UK

It really has been a hot minute since I shared some of my favourite accounts with you - truth be told I'm still inspired some of my fond favourite bloggers who I started chatting with way back in 2014 so you might recognise some of these. 

Fortunately for me over the last few months I've found my inspiration again for this online world we all love to hate. Whether it's creating content just to upload onto my social media channels or the motivation to write an entire blog post, a lot of it is thanks to the people I follow; especially on Instagram so today I want to sing their praises and hopefully give you the chance to find some new favourites to add onto your feed. 

20 instagram accounts you should be following - see the stars
20 instagram accounts you should be following - see the stars
One of my favourite aspects of Instagram is how easy it is, how I can quickly catch up with all my favourites within seconds because of insta stories, how the social media app has become a different form of blogging, so if anyone's stopped blogging regularly; I'm still able to read 'mini' posts via their captions. In fact I spent most of my time on Instagram when checking my social media platforms, whether it's engaging with so many different people, discovering new accounts or just uploading onto my own account - and as annoying as the algorithm can be, how gaining new followers is difficult and omg the engagement can be terrible, aside from all that I've always been a person who's been completely brought into someone, especially when it involves photography.  

That being said, I wanted to share with you 25 of my absolute favs: 

20 instagram accounts you should be following - see the stars

15. @AIS_MC
23. @GS20S

You'll find such a variety from all these accounts; I mean hopefully you've already spotted some of your favourites too!...Maybe even yourself! I've added a mixture of beauty & fashion accounts, Disney, family and even some are more on the 'creative' side and each one of them inspire me every time they upload! 

These girls really do keep my motivated when I'm going through yet another slump and I couldn't be happier that they're just an app away! 

Who's your favourite Insta account? Anyone you think deserves a special shout out...let me know! 

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