18.11.19 Birmingham, UK

I've been trying to get back into some kind of routine lately, especially when it come to watching more films, tv seasons and even getting back into my nightly viewings of youtube. 

Not only am I missing spending my evenings escaping reality but I also miss sharing this type of content online ...and with the help of my lazy evenings with J, making more trips to the cinema (yep, even now I'm a paying customer), I wanted to catch you up with everything we've been divulging lately.  

One of my favourite things is getting home from a day at work, getting into my pj's, grabbing a cuppa and having a mini movie marathon from the comforts of my bed. We tend to do this more on evenings when we've been at work and have little energy for anything else or usually to end our day off together. It's very much one of the ways we wind down from the night. 

what I've been watching - see the stars
what I've been watching - see the stars

We both have shows we watch without one another; mines currently the new season of Grey's Anatomy, whilst J I *think* is currently watching Arrow.  

Today I'm kind of sharing the mixed bag...things I'm watching with J and the ones I've been watching alone or with other people. Because trust me, some of these only my best friend would watch with me... 

OTH has always been favourite of mine, it's the show thats got me through my teens years, I regularly rewatch the show and luckily for me this year I've been able to trap J with the Scott lovin' bug...okay, maybe it's not as intense as mine but he's definitely loving the show so far!  We're onto season 2 at the moment and it's proving difficult not to spoil everything for him. 

And if you're yet to watch the show; let me tell you why you should! It's got proper 00's pop punk vibes, basketball, married teenagers and the beautiful Scott boys! And thankfully all the seasons were added onto Amazon Prime. But if you're like me and you're a little in love with the show, I created a post a couple years back about all the life lessons I learnt from it (ps. this is filled with spoilers so open with caution). 

I'd actually been avoiding this series for quite some time and I'm actually gutted that I'd left it so long. My taste in tv series has always been quite preppy and what I liked about this is that it's the complete opposite - the intensity has really gripped my attentions and shows a side to people dealing with mental health. Following Hannah's story was really quite interesting, it's really gets you thinking about how teenagers deal with things, it made me angry and so sad for the majority of the characters - except Bryce, he's a dick! I just want to put Justin in my pocket and take care of him, and I can't make my mind up on Jessica or Clay actually. It's helped put so much into perspective and helped me understand other bits, I'm actually a couple episodes away from season 3 so I need to hurry up. 

I did wonder whether this one was worth mentioning as I disliked it so much, but I guess thats what makes it more 'review worthy'. I'd had such high hopes for this purely because Brad Pitt but omg I was so disappointed, I couldn't quite understand what was going on, the storyline bored me and so did Mr Pitt. Also, there was a creepy & unnecessary scene w/ zombie space monkey, no thank you. 

I'll be honest, I've never watched the TV series but my mom was desperate to watch this so I did the good daughter thing and we had an evening at the Electric Cinema - which for the oldest cinema in Birmingham, the service was so disappointing - however the film was something I really enjoyed, more than I expected. There's bit I definitely missed due to not watching the series but other than that was completely able to keep up, it was cute and funny and really well put together. 

I never really gave much thought to Sleeping Beauty when I was younger but over the years it's becoming one of my favourite Disney stories, the three fairies are my favourite and have my giggling throughout the film. I adore Aurora, how sweet she is and my favourite scene is when the animals dance with her as her 'prince charming' before Prince Phillip arrives. 

I missed this when it was originally in cinema and I was gutted and it wasn't until recently that I finally got round to watching it and omg, it was such a good movie. It left me completely heartbroken throughout, I'm fairly certain I cried for the majority of it too - it follows a younger black girl and her friends and family, how her family have taught her how to deal with the police and if they were to get in the middle of 'trouble'. It follows Starr a teenager girl who due to race and police not listening has watched friends die and how she recovers and deals with it - it's such a powerful movie and I highly recommend everyone watches it. 

For a film that I was originally against us watching; I really quite liked it! I thought I was going to really dislike this action packed film, I thought I'd be against Denzel Washington's character but within the opening scene I watched how he was compassionate for Chloe Grace Moretz and after that I was hooked - J had to suffer through lots of questions about almost every scene, I found it intense throughout but I you know what, was so worth the watch. 

We've gotten through so many film this month, any given opportunity we've been having movie nights and I love it. Not only has this given me the opportunity to get more blog content (yay) but Josh has started an Instagram account filled with reviews; films, tv shows and games; it's so nice to share this side of creativity with him, so if you're interested it would be amazing if you we're to follow him, here. 

Yep, I have so much to share with you, part two will be with you shortly.... 

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