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Well, 2019 has certainly been a wild ride, plenty of ups and downs and honestly, I'll be glad to say goodbye to this year. Rather than dwelling too long on the negatives and in an attempt to welcome good spirits into the new year I want to focus on the good things of the year.

thins I'm grateful for this year - see the stars

I've been really lucky in some aspect of this year, I've been in a great relationship for a year, I've moved from a toxic job environment and we've travelled loads and well, having my family around is always a plus. But I guess it's been things that have really triggered my mental health that have caused me the most pain this year.

thins I'm grateful for this year - see the stars
thins I'm grateful for this year - see the stars

So whilst there's just a couple weeks left of the year, Christmas celebrations are in full swing (kind of, I'm just working my butt off as always). I wanted to check back in with the reasons I'm grateful for the year that I've had - a nice short, simple and sweet post for you today. 

1. OUR HOLIDAYS AND LIL TRAVELS. Not only all my travels with J, the uk trips and our ventures to Portugal and Paris, but also my trip to Disneyland Paris w/ pals and my family's big holiday to Cornwall.

2. MY FAMILY. All of them, we've had a pretty fab year if I'm honest. We've welcomed my boyfriend and my brothers girlfriend into the family, a new baby has been born into the family and we all stuck together when it was needed for my granddad's funeral.

3. MY BOYFRIEND. I don't think I can really explain how grateful I am that J entered my life over a year ago, he's been an absolute gem, a true gent and will always lift up my spirits - I dedicated a whole post to him, if you want to take a read, here.

4. GETTING HELP W/ MY MENTAL HEALTH. I mean I've done this several times over the years now; but this time felt a little more necessary. Whilst the reasons I originally booked my appointments have since changed due to the wait time, it's still be good to see someone weekly to discuss problems I'm experiencing. And it's definitely something I'm really grateful to have through the NHS. 

5. QUITTING MY JOB. Honestly, not something I ever thought I would be doing, I opened up more about it in my post, here. But I'd been working in quite a difficult working environment, I wasn't sleeping, I was having daily anxiety attacks, my outside of work life was being compromised and was causing so many other life problems - so I handed in my notice and have been adjusting to a new work environment since September.

6. COSY COMFORTS. I'm talking all about my bedroom here. It's the place me and J spent majority of our time, it's our place in the house that's properly ours. I've made it all christmassy for the season, I've been lighting candles and we've been watching movies almost every evening we get the opportunity. 

7. MY BLOG. Something I thought I'd lost completely the last few years has been my blogging but I've somehow managed to bring it back this year and it's been amazing. I've never felt more creative and positive about the online community, I've been making more content, I've been making loads of new friends too - I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for See The Stars. 

8. DANCE FAMILY. I don't think I scream and shout about this group enough on my blog, but I bloody love em. True gems. My favourite people. They have my heart forever and that's it.

9. THAT EVENING WIND DOWN. We all have our evening routine after a shit day at work and mines just as simple as a cuppa in bed with a catch up on Instagram and youtube and a little chat with J before we both drift off. I rely on it so much before bed. 

10. GAINING SOME CONFIDENCE. Now this isn't some big-headed thing, it's more about feeling less worried when out in public, it's about the fact I share my blog with more friends and family, how I now feel more comfortable when asking someone to help me shoot content. I've gained so much confidence in my body and the creative side of me and I couldn't be happier. 

I must admit, I wrote this during a pretty low MH moment, so trying to focus on the good things was more difficult than I'd expected but the truth is, whilst in some ways it's been a good year, I've also struggled in other ways too. 

But I've worked my ass off to make changes to some of these thing; so have worked out well and some I'm still working on - so I guess I really am grateful for everything thats happened this year! 

Bring on 2020!

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