18.12.19 Paris, France

November already feels like a lifetime ago and if you completely missed the newsflash on my Instagram (you can follow me, here) you may have missed the fact that me and J spent a couple nights in Paris last month. 

In all honesty, it's taken me this long to write this post as I've been processing our time there - we were both sick during our mini break and I was just completely bummed out because of it. I had zero energy, could barely breathe...which was make difficult when trying to walk everywhere and eventually I did just have enough of it all. Which now I'm home and feeling well again - completely miserable about and I'll chat more about throughout this post. 

Day trip to Paris - see the stars
Day trip to Paris - see the stars

We'd booked a four day break to Paris back in September, booking everything via Expedia.com which gave us plenty of options, hotels, flights and so many great deals. 

And after some high recommendations we booked our stay at Hipark by Adagio Serris-VAl D'Europe. Which was beautiful; your standard hotel room with tv, bed, wardrobe and bathroom but with the added bonus of a lil kitchen and we were a ten minute walk away from the local supermarket - so we tried to do our trip on a budget. We popped out on the first night and picked up the essentials, get some meals for the evenings and some snacks for our days out. I mean it didn't stop us grabbing a McDonalds when in Paris, but we tried. 

So, imagine we booked a four night city break into Paris and I got sick as a dog just days before. Hoping and praying it would disappear before our trip but luck just wasn't on my side and after spending 1.5 days of our trip in the hotel room, we kind of forced ourselves to see some of the city before it was time to go home. 

We did also spend a day in Disneyland Paris (obviously) but I'll be writing about that in a separate post so keep an eye out for that.

Day trip to Paris - see the stars
Day trip to Paris - see the stars
Day trip to Paris - see the stars

Our hotel was closer to Disneyland which meant we hopped on a train at the Marne-ve- station just outside the parks. The tickets cost us just under 20 euro each, I think - but I have a feeling that the woman may have overcharged us. So if you're looking at travelling between DLP and Paris via the RER.  So I'd recommend checking things out beforehand. 

Anyways, the journey into Paris took 40 minutes and as soon as we arrived everything felt very similar to the London Underground. We took a lil walk to begin with, just to get our bearings and found ourselves at Arc De Triomphe which in was beautiful and I wish I'd found another way round to see it a little better. 

Luckily it was only a short walk from there to the Eiffel Tower - which I had seen before and ventured to the second floor of, but being as we weren't spending too much on this trip, we saw it from a distance and it was a first from this spot and omg, it was truly beautiful. I wish we'd have stayed later in the day to see the sparkling lights but seeing it from this distance was a little mesmerising. 

And I guess this is where the day goes a little south; whilst we'd managed to find two staple tourist attractions around Paris and a little later we navigated more of the RER line and found Notre Dome but before long we were heading back to our hotel. Unfortunately due to me being so sick during our trip it made sense to take things easy, it made sense to rest when I needed it and it made sense that we couldn't do much with our short time there but I guess I was so gutted as on my previous trip we'd skipped so much of the landmarks due to being on a coach tour and I was hoping that this time round would be different. 

Day trip to Paris - see the stars

I was so distracted with my sickness and just feeling generally low because of it, I didn't take much opportunity to really take in the city we were in. Oh I wish we could revisit this trip. 
With all my misery aside, it was wonderful to get away with J for a couple days. We well and truly switched off the real world and had our own little bubble and it's moments like that I love the most. 

We've had a really lucky year of travelling; seeing the UK and other countries but we've now made the executive decision to stop our travelling spends and start saving towards more 'adult' things - it's been the best experience getting out and seeing the world but I'm also excited to start feeling like a proper grown up.  

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