I think one of the biggest troubles with us beauty and style lovers is making sure our festive looks are perfect.

Every year without fail I'll plan to create these really fun and 'bang on' festive looks - whether it's with my outfits or my makeup, and every year it causes more stress than necessary. When I was 18 I always made sure I turned up to Christmas Day in my best get up! I picked out my favourite Christmas party outfits to spend the day at my grandparents house, a place where no one really cares when you look like on Christmas Day.

I mean, I don't think I could rock up in my pyjamas (I wish) but they didn't need all the glitter and party clothes. And over the years I've completely relaxed this. 

festive makeup with falsheyelashes.co.uk -see the stars
festive makeup with falsheyelashes.co.uk -see the stars

Every year for as long as I can remember we've spent Christmas Day with the whole family, over the years it's switched between which grandparents we see, but since I was 14 we've spent the day with my moms side of the family, my nan makes dinner, my brother helps out, I'm usually on the loosing team of the family quiz and I get to spend quality time with my family, and I bloody love it...and this year will be no different. Although luckily J and my brothers girlfriend will be joining us at the table. 

I used to spend so much effort on looking amazing for this day, when in reality it was completely unnecessary and over the years I've come to appreciate what I enjoy most about Christmas Day, rather than looking the part, simply just being in the moment. 

So now, I tend to focus my attention on my makeup rather than how I'm dressed! I'll wear my tackiest Christmas jumper, take along a bottle of alcohol and I'm ready to start all Christmas festivities and as long as my makeup is on point, all is good. 

festive makeup with falsheyelashes.co.uk -see the stars
festive makeup with falsheyelashes.co.uk -see the stars

We all know my makeup favourites by now; they've not changed all year! So I know for a fact I'll be keeping these products in my routine on Christmas morning. 

Because although I'm keeping things simple this year, I still want to feel my best. And whilst I've become more comfortable in simplifying my style, makeup is still a huge part in making me feel good. 

Luckily for me, this year falseeyelashes.co.uk have stocked me up on an essential piece that I didn't realise I needed and that, is well, the false lashes. I'd always struggled with applying falsies, getting them at the right lengths and just being comfortable with them but oh my days, I didn't know I didn't realise how much they made a change to my routine until I applied the Ardell professional mega volume setwhilst adding so much volume to my lashes they still look almost completely natural. 

Guys, seriously...this is a game changer. 

festive makeup with falsheyelashes.co.uk -see the stars
festive makeup with falsheyelashes.co.uk -see the stars

Purely down to the fact that my everyday routine takes me 5 minutes to create, I'll be sticking to those favourites for Christmas Day. Just making a few changes; like adding the Ardell volume lashes (252) and of course, a lil touch of glitter. 

To make life easier I was also gifted a lil' golden applicator which means I can be a little more precise without destroying the look I've just created - making application so much easier for someone who's as hopeless with it like I am. I've also been using the DUO glue which is probably the first glue I've used in a while that have kept the lashes in place. 

festive makeup with falsheyelashes.co.uk -see the stars

Whilst I've been sceptical over the years about false lashes; having good and bad runs with them I can tell you that this gift set has completely changed my mind on them. Whilst I'm probably really quite boring with the fact I use the same makeup routine all year round, adding these really completes the look without going over board. 

I can't wait to get my festive look ready on Christmas morning...also I need to pick up a new tacky Christmas jumper, just to complete the look. 

Have you used falselashes.co.uk? Which ones will you be ordering? 


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