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What I thought was going to be a super relaxed day turned into quite the rushed; after being given a shift last minute and having to rearrange our table bookings; I finally had the evening to enjoy our visit to The Green Man, Middleton and I'll admit how knackered I felt after my shift, but in some  strange twist, I think it's what made this experience all the more enjoyable. 

Me and J took this opportunity to have our mid-week date night; all dressed up, drinks and a three course meal. What more could I have asked for. 

Unfortunately for us we're not locals to Tamworth, however it's pretty simple to jump on the train from Birmingham New St (grand central st) to either the Sutton Coldfield station or Tamworth and booked ourselves an uber for the pub/restaurant - which could've been a completely disaster for us in reality. It's in a quaint lil countryside village and probably unknown to most of us Birmingham locals, or maybe just me. 

the green man, Middleton review - see the stars
the green man, Middleton review - see the stars

The pub reopened November 16th after having a complete revamp - literally everything is brand new. It wasn't until we were right round the corner; J informed me that he'd actually been there on a date previously (I know, the audacity!?) but this actually gave me a little more of an insight to how this looked previously, compared to now. 

The Green Man is the definition of a small country pub and I live for that kind of vibe. Everything they had to offer in terms of appearance was simply, comfortable yet mesmerising. The low ceiling, the wood burning fires and the cosy and quite intimate nooks on almost every corner; what they've done however has created this balance between that cosy small country pub and completely modernised it. They've not lost that comfort, they've kept that wood burning element but they've added fancy features; lots of burnt orange, deep teal green and omg all of the gold! It was really nice to see the modern twist on something so familiar. 

the green man, Middleton review - see the stars

Once we arrived we were given such a warm welcome by the staff at The Green Man and Heather who I'd been chatting to before the event begun. They made us feel at home almost instantly (which is such a plus for someone who's anxiety was through the roof), we were shown around the pub, told more about the refurbishment that they'd just completed, we were told about the areas of the pub which you could hire out for more private dining experiences. 

Within minute were shown the bar and I was ordering myself a gin and tonic at the gin bar they'd set up for the event. I really loved having the opportunity to create my own drink; I added lime flavouring and just topped the glass with as much fruit as possible. 

the green man, Middleton review - see the stars
the green man, Middleton review - see the stars

Now, I won't lie I'd already checked out their menu before arriving and had an idea of what I was ordering - but with the refurb they have also changed the menus too! Not drastically but changed none-the-less. 

Once we were seated we were given the all day menu and the daily specials menu. Luke, the general manager talked us through the menu; shared his recommendations and discussed how they've switched some of their processes especially working with a more sustainable way of fishing. They also heavily recommended the monkfish! After a lil' after dinner discussion me and J did come to the conclusion that we think the restaurant wants to be recognised as more of a 'seafood' restaurant, so we'll have to consider switching up our menu choices on our next visit.

the green man, Middleton review - see the stars
the green man, Middleton review - see the stars
the green man, Middleton review - see the stars

I'm always a little thrown off when it comes to starters; everything always seems a lil too fancy for my fussy pallet, so you bet your ass I panicked over making the choice on this menu. Originally I was torn between two choices; one being the deep fried brie but I opted for the hendricks gin marinated salmon which was completely different to my usual choices but was lovely. J went for the massana chicken skewers which looked SO good, he said they tasted just like chicken tikka masala and also said they were quite spicy...that didn't stop him from clearing his plate however. 

Ah so this is where we were lucky; having already checked out the menu we had our hearts set on the meaty options! J had the dirty cheeseburger which was a beef burger with cheese, bacon and even grilled halloumi with a side of the dripping sauce/gravy, again J completely devoured the food! I was so tempted to order the same but after chatting with the waitress I picked the 7oz fillet steak, which came with the essential dipping sauce. I do tend to go with a sirloin and could taste how the fillet was much softer and richer, luckily for me they completed this entire meal off with some chunky cut chips which were the perfect amount of fluffy and crispy! Top points for the mains. 

We both opted for the homemade chocolate brownie to end our meals, they have so much choice including sharing desserts but we opted for what we know and love. I don't think I give too much away when it comes to a chocolate brownie, it was served with ice cream and was such a soft texture.  Its my favourite after dinner treat, I just was so full up I couldn't finish it all. 

the green man, Middleton review - see the stars
the green man, Middleton review - see the stars

After dinner we took the time to relax, have a couple more drinks and chat (my favourite part of any date). Whilst we live together, we've worked together for the majority of this year, ya know we spend a hell of a lot of time with each other - but there's something about a dinner (or even a coffee) date that I bloody love. 

We spend time telling each other old stories, talking about families or now that we work apart...getting to chat more about work life now it's separated. 

Our evening at The Green Man, was spent catching up on our days, discussing our plans for the next year and generally just enjoying our time together. 

I absolutely adored our evening to be honest, the service was wonderful. The most welcome I've felt in a restaurant for quite some time, we both enjoyed our food but think we'd want to try the seafood options next time and of course, I was more than impressed with the cocktail selection. 

Have you been to the Green Man? Or would you be planning a trip in the future? 


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