One sign of a good Christmas is that moment after dinner, you're too full from the Christmas dinner and all the trimmings, you've just had that last mouthful of your desert but it's still a little too early for the evening festivities - y'know, the party games, the Christmas episodes on BBC (yeah, I'm talking about Gavin and Stacey) and all the embarrassingly drunk stories. 

During that time in-between everything else, we all take a moment to reflect on the day we've had, usually my nan's sisters are helping clean up the dinner table whilst I'm catching up with my aunts and we're all trying to figure out who's gifted who with the family secret Santa.

And trust me figuring out who's had your name in the hat this year can be difficult.  

christmas drinks with lindisafarne mead - see the stars
christmas drinks with lindisafarne mead - see the stars

Typically our Christmas Day always runs pretty smoothly and like clock work, the same things almost every year and it works perfectly for us all. 

We have a starter (usually soup) and then a turkey dinner before ending with Christmas pudding or nan's homemade Christmas cake and before you know it, it's hitting 5pm and we're all trying to deny the need for that after dinner nap! So instead most of the family end Christmas lunch with a hot drink, coffee or a cuppa, whilst the rest of us just keep drinking. 

Last year me and my aunty had drank so much throughout dinner, that when it was time for the family Christmas quiz...we were more tipsy than I'd ever like to admit. We'd managed two correct answers and buried our heads in shame but I wouldn't change that moment for anything, it was a true highlight of Christmas Day 2018.

christmas drinks with lindisafarne mead - see the stars

And whilst I'm hoping this year we're not wasted by the end of our three course meal, I do want to keep that fun loving' feeling alive this year and one way I'll be doing that, I'll be switching up our drinks choices this year - I hope the rest of the family doesn't mind. 

I'll be arriving at my nan's house ready for our fun evening with a bottle of Lindisfarne Mead*. After giving this a try for the first time this year, I believe it'll be a perfect choice for that in between period of our meal. The moment once we've eaten dinner and exchanged secret Santa, just before the mayhem of tidying up - we'll sit down and opening up a bottle of Lindisfarne Mead for our new after dinner drink, and you know reminisce on the year and the day we've just had. Hear all the stories of what's happened this year, my auntie's will talk about their son, the family will be getting to know J and my brothers girlfriend and my brother will be sharing stories from his trip to New York and I'll be hiding in the corner...just incase. 

christmas drinks with lindisafarne mead - see the stars
christmas drinks with lindisafarne mead - see the stars

Adding this new drink into the mix this Christmas Day will be a perfect choice for everyone - whilst mead is a drink itself, it's something I can only describe as something between wine and cider (with quite a high percentage volume, so be ready for that to hit you quickly!

The reason I'm so excited to introduce this to everyone is not only for that 14% volume of alcohol, but this Lindisafarne Mead took me by surprise, although it had that strong scent similar to most apple ciders, it's surprisingly sweet - fruity if anything and I loved it! You can find the Lindisafarne Mead in both sweet and dry tastes, which can suit so many palettes. 

What's even better is that I've been finding ways to make this more friendly for everyone, personally I'll be mixing mine with lemonade to make the sweet taste, even sweeter! Oh, yes please! Honey, citrus and spices, so theres so many ways to make it personal to you. 

Whats your drink of choice over the Christmas period? Will you be picking up a bottle of Lindisfarne Mead?  

- Please drink responsibily. For the facts, visit - 

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