30.12.19 Birmingham, UK

Although we're at a point of waving goodbye to 2019 and not only welcoming a new year, but a new decade and I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the five good things on the final month of the year. 

Like the others; it's been weird with more highs and lows so I guess again I'm digging down into the fun things we've gotten up to throughout the month. We're at the end of the Christmas celebrations but with such a tiring month of working and celebrating, I'm quite looking forward to having a break from everything. 

five good things #5 - see the stars
five good things #5 - see the stars

I was lucky enough to gain more and more hours at work this month which is something I'm in desperate need of, so whilst it's been absolutely knackering I'm really grateful as it's meant I've felt more settled within the job, I'm making more friendships and relationships with the people I work with and I couldn't be more grateful for that. But omg, my body is burnt out and my sleep pattern is out the window, so in the new year I can't wait for the opportunity to relax and refresh. 

Throughout December I used as much time as possible to celebrate Christmas with my friends and family and honestly I think it's another reason for the burn out - it's been such a stretch to find the free time to see everyone and do everything. It's possible I've crammed too much into the month, but let's be honest in the end it was all worth it.  

Ah so by now; you all know the dance family. My second family, the girls and boys I adore with all my heart. Well for the last couple of years we've gotten everyone together and gone for a Christmas dinner and ended up absolutely shit-faced in the process too and honestly? It's one of my favourite Christmas celebrations in December. I get to hang with pals I've known since I was 6 years old, I get to eat good food and be well and truly merry and this year was no exception, this year was possibly the best so far. We're all meeting up for New Year too and I can't wait to see how those celebrations end up.

There's been a blurred line on the date we'll actually celebrate this - Josh believes it should be from the date of our first date, whilst I'm under the impression it's when we officially became a couple. So we'd kind of already celebrated in November (and by celebrated, I mean we didn't actually celebrate it at all) and then mid-December we were 'celebrating' it again, and yep you guessed it, we didn't celebrate then either...We were both too busy with work, we hardly spent a full day together throughout this month that we saw our anniversary flash right by us, but he's made me the happiest I've ever been and you can read more about him, us and our relationship, here. 

five good things #5 - see the stars

Getting to spend time together is a rarity in our family; not only with our extended family but with out immediate family too - with everyones working patterns and such, getting to see each other regularly can be quite difficult. So I've felt quite lucky to have spent time with everyone over the Christmas period, I missed one or two family gathering which upset me more than I'd like to admit but I got to spend Christmas Day with almost the whole family, we went to see Star Wars with the immediate family a couple days later and then following that spent time with my family from Scotland - it really was wonderful.

Back in 2017 being single created a bond between two girls I worked with; we'd spend hours chatting about our lives, our tinder struggles and it was the best thing to happen for me. These girls are my absolute favs and with Reshma moving away for work, Veena being at university in another city and me moving jobs we'd not seen each other for 10 months. So it was only essential to catch up over the winter break - we kept it cheap and cheerful with a cheeky trip to spoons and chatted for hours and hours! The best day! 

A common theme with me and my friends is that they all live hundreds of miles away - and one of these friends being my very best friend, Charlotte! With both our work patterns it's very difficult for us to see each other too regularly but also it's difficult for us to stay in constant contact, so getting to spend a full day with her is super special. We did some last minute Christmas shopping, went for coffee, and a tradition meal at Frankie and bennies before watching a trashy film (our choice this time round was Last Christmas). It's really nice to get that time with her and because it's so few and far between it makes it all the more special. 

Ah, December you were tiring yet fab! I can't wait to see the end of this year and to start afresh with the new year. I've been so worn our from everything this month and I'm so excited for a couple days rest whilst we see in the new year. 

How was everyones month? How was Christmas?


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