9.12.19 Paris, France

Oh, what a whirlwind November was. It has definitely given me lots of lil tests about my life, which is probably why it's taken a couple days to get this uploaded - processing it all I guess. I know I like to focus this post on the good things of the month, but November was actually quite emotional and I guess I don't want to ignore that happened. 

I mentioned in last months post  how my granddad had been quite poorly for some time and how he'd sadly passed away at the beginning of this month. He's been suffering with dementia for 4 or so years, so I'm quite at peace with him no longer suffering but dealing with the grief has left me a little lost. Although he was a man of quite colourful stories, I was the first of his many grandchildren and I think we always had a lil bond because of this - so my childhood was filled with such fun memories of him and I'll always treasure that. 

His funeral was towards the end of the month - he had friends and family travel from various parts of the country, family who haven't been around for a while came to say their goodbyes and I'll be quite thankful about that. 

I won't lie, I'm writing this on the same day I had a counselling session where I discussed my granddad quite a lot, so I'm definitely still processing it all but I'm doing okay with it all, I promise. 

five good things #4 - see the stars
five good things #4 - see the stars

With the bad things that have happened this month, it's been quite successful in terms of other parts of my life. And after such a long time of feeling really low about my creative content, blogging etc - throughout October and November I've finally began to feel like my blog is getting back on track again, I'm finding time to spend more of my days off creating content and using as much free time as possible, planning and uploading - especially onto my Instagram page as yay - it's finally growing. You can follow me here, if you aren't already. 

The autumn/winter seasons are quite possibly my favourites and one of those reasons is purely down to times like bonfire night! I discussed it in more detail in my believing in love post a couple weeks ago, about how I'd always romanticised this time of year - and getting to share an evening watching the fireworks with J was a highlight of my year. If I'm being 100% honest, the firework display we watched was bloody naff, but the sentiment of the time spent with J was my absolute favourite. 

I feel so daft to openly admit this - but after working so hard on my blog these last few months I was starting to get a little worried I wasn't doing a good enough job as I wasn't getting much in terms of paid work or invite to anything and then during this - I was only bloody invited to an event!? I took J as my plus one and we headed to the Green Man in Tamworth. It was the reopening of the restaurant and it was wonderful. Not only did I love being able to visit this place because of the content I've been creating online - but also being able to share this part of my life with J. You can read more about our visit, here. 

five good things #4 - see the stars
five good things #4 - see the stars

Ah, so I'd actually planned to write a bigger post about our trip to Paris - but after I'd been so ill during our visit, I'm quite limited on content; photography and stories about the trip. So I'm still debating what I should do for that. Anyway, me and J had a week booked off because I left my previous job and booked a lil trip away to Paris - we'd stayed in a hotel near Disneyland Paris and took a trip into Paris for the day. I spent two of our four days in bed with my cold/flu but we took a day trip into Paris on our final day, we saw some of the most well known tourist spots and it was fun to just had the freedom to wonder round. 

At the beginning of the month, my aunty gave birth to my baby cousin but with me being so ill for the last couple of weeks I haven't been able to properly meet him. I had to miss a couple trips out with the family to meet him and had to stay at a distant on the day I finally did meet him. But I met him and now I'm better, I'll be able to properly have a snuggle. My auntie's are doing an amazing job with him, my family are so happy to have a lil' bub in the family again and I can't wait to spend some proper time with him. 

We celebrated J's moms 60th towards the end of November - a room was booked and his whole family gathered to celebrate her birthday and it was so nice to really feel part of that. I got to know more of them and I really felt part of the family...but obviously with the celebrations me and J decided to continue the night and headed to a night club in Birmingham that we both went to a lot in our early 20's. With been there with friends in the last year but that Saturday was just the two of us, dancing and singing along to pop-punk tunes, getting a little bit wasted and just spending that time together. The hangover the next day was horrid but so worth it. 

Told you it was a bit of a whirlwind, some negatives and some positives came out of this month and I think it's helping me realise what this year has been for me and helping me round up what 2019 has been. 

And just like that, it's only last month of the year and I'm definitely noticing how this year has shaped me as a person, again with the good and the bad - I'm quite grateful I've experienced in and can take all this on board as I moved forward into the new year. 

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