13.12.19 Birmingham, UK

If you've been following my blogging journey from the beginning (hi there!). You'll be more than aware of my love for eyeshadows, no makeup look is completely without a little bit of it. 

Back in 2015 I was all for attempting a variation of different makeup looks, I was teaching myself each time I applied my makeup and completely fell in love with how these looks made me feel. Over time I've kind of calmed down with the colours and keep it simple with the neutral shades. 

Honestly it all started because of the chocolate orange palette and I've not really looked back since; there's something about the orange and red tones that really compliment my hazel/brown eyes and I can't get enough of it. 

nyx warm neutral palette review - see the stars
nyx warm neutral palette review - see the stars

Obviously over time I've jumped from different palettes, brands and shades - as long as they're of similar tones. I've tried morphe, makeup revolution, obsession and so many more. But one I'd been after for quite some time was the NYX Warm Neutral which I *think* I purchased just before Halloween and completely forgot about it...it wasn't until I was showing J how much I wanted this palette, he reminded me I'd purchased it a couple weeks month before. 

Awkward, when ya boyfriend knows your spending habits better than you do.

Either was I was ecstatic that I finally had this palette in my collection - a little treat to me, from me.  Mid November we went on a  weekend break to Paris and I thought it would be the perfect palette to take with me, ya know?

nyx warm neutral palette review - see the stars
nyx warm neutral palette review - see the stars

Whilst I'm still obsessed with the colour palette and I don't want to loose hope that it's perfect for me. I just didn't get along with this at all, which was really frustrating when it was the only palette I took with me on our four day trip. 

The colours available look absolutely stunning in the palette; they don't give off the same colouring when applied. The pigment just isn't up to the standards I thought it would when paying £16, in comparison to cheaper palettes I've used, the colouring was a little too dull once applied and required a big build up to get a look I was happy with. Also the top two lines of the palette are way too pale for me and I just couldn't find a combination of colours that would blend perfectly together. 

It all just felt like a whole lot of extra work, which this lazy girl ain't in the mood for. Personally, I'm going to keep at it! I'll mix some of these shades with my other palettes and see what looks I can create, if by some miracle I end up falling in love with this palette again - I'll be sure keep you posted. 

Have you ever purchased a palette and been disappointed by it?

Do you own this palette? What's your thoughts?

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