5.12.19 Birmingham, UK

There's many reasons why I love this time of year; see autumnal bucket list and believing in love again as some references, but another factor into these cosy seasons is the opportunity to switch up my makeup looks. 

For the best part of this year I have been using the same makeup palette for my eyeshadows, working with the same 'everyday routine' for the majority of 2019, yet this time last year I was raving about the chocolate orange palette how I couldn't get enough of the shades - which would still be true this year...if only I hadn't misplaced my original (and slightly battered) palette. 

the perfect lip shade for autumn/ winter - see the stars

I mean, once I finally agree on my next colour palette I'll be sure to share it with you. Until then I'm going to keep todays post to it's original agenda - lipstick shades for A/W. 

Whilst I'm an avid user of the perfect shade of nude day in and day out. There's something I love about the change in season as it allows me to add a little more colour onto my lips, most of those being darker shades. Personally I don't think I suit the light tones, glossy pinks, light reds or orange shades and trust me, I'm gutted about that so for ease, I tend to keep to the neutral tones of a nude lip. 

Once the colder months hit and the party season begins, I'm ready to test out a couple of different shades and I love it. Deep in my collection I do have a black lipstick from colourpop which is the darkest in my collection (obvs) but has only been touched a handful of time, so instead I tend to work with more deeper shades of nude, brown and deeper red tones - all which personally work best for. 

the perfect lip shade for autumn/ winter - see the stars
the perfect lip shade for autumn/ winter - see the stars

I guess instead of just rambling on about how certain tones don't suit me...I should actually discuss the perfect lip shade for A/W, that is the real reason you've popped by after all. 

I want to chat about this one first as it's shamefully the oldest in my collection (don't judge okay). I just haven't had the heart to throw it out as I'm unable to replace it. I always struggled to find the perfect nude shade when it came to lipsticks; they were either too pink or too pale but this was the first one I found that was perfect for my skin tone and yep, I'm still bitter about the fact they discontinued this range! 

For a girl who's one step away from being a lil' emo girl, I don't have a massively strong love for the darker shade of lipsticks - actually it's not that I don't love them (I really really do), I don't think I suit them. Back in the day when this sort of thing didn't cause me too much worry, Old Hollywood was one of my go-to's for the darker shades, perfect for the colder months, especially with a very simple makeup look, a wooly jumper and a cute hat too! Personally I adore wearing it on those first few weeks of autumn when everything feels new and fresh. 

Again, with the dark shades. I'm mentioning this more for the girls who DO enjoy wearing these shades; rather than it being a personal favourite of mine. This primark shade is a deep purple shade, which in turn is actually quite vibrant once on the lips, it adds a huge pop of colour to any makeup look. 

Russian Red is like my ultimate red lip stick, I don't think I'd recommend any other anymore. It's just this perfect shade, it's not too dark, it's not too orange or pink - it's just that somewhere in the middle that's just right for me. I tend to wear this either around Christmas or within the new year...just before spring ya know? Again it's perfect with a simple makeup look; preferably with a winged eyeliner. 

the perfect lip shade for autumn/ winter - see the stars

A couple years ago I went on this big chase for the perfect nude shade, one I could use at every point of the year - similarly to the time I found the colour drama shade. I was also following a big hype when it came to MAC products and was saving up all my pennies to spend on yet another mac lipstick. Pink Plaid was one of the ones I've used the most, rather than a nude tone it's very much pink, but like a muted pink. It's not too bright but also isn't in your face, it's that perfect balance between shades, that I really love to add when I've done more of a eyeshadow look but still want that colour.  

Very similar to the pink plaid but actually a much preferred shade. There's a lot less red tones in this shade, it's a lot more closer to nude than the other. It's a smoother application with a little bit of a glossy finish, perfect for when you need a colour you can quick top up when on the go. 

7. NYX LINGERIE - #12 .
In my previous job I became friends with one of the girls who shared a very similar love for makeup and she insisted that I needed this brand in my life - I'd actually purchased bits from NYX before and was massively disappointed in the shades, texture and everything else, so kind of just didn't think to try them again. But this shade looks amazing on Hanna, it suits her skin tone and just looks so smooth. Although I'm a lot paler than Hanna and I worry I don't do it justice in comparison, I'm a little bit obsessed with it, its much more on the red side than I expected but works wonders on my everyday makeup routine. 

8. NYX LINGERIE - #17.
If I'd have known about this lip shade back in 2015, this whole nude shade hunt would've been over years ago. After Hanna's recommendation on the previous shade, I also picked up #17 and I haven't looked back since, it's everything I wanted in a nude. It matches my lip shade almost perfectly and it really compliments my skin tone - I'm a little lost without it if I'm honest. 

I have a whole collection of other lip shades, maybe I'll started sharing more with you. Maybe I'll use them to create new makeup looks?! Who knows. 

What your favourite shade at the moment? What's your go-to during the A/W months?


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