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Yeah you guessed it, the last post was just getting way too busy, so I had to spilt this into a two parter. You can catch up on part one here. 

Not only have I finally been making more time to watch things via Netflix but we've also been taking more time to head to the cinema and watch some of the latest releases and without spoiling what I'll be sharing with you in this post...a lot of these choices are actually far out of my comfort zone, and some of them I wasn't forced into watching, I know I'm shocked too.

That being said, I've definitely kept a little bit of Disney in my life (I mean, who can resist) but it's refreshing to switch things up because the films I thought I'd hate have some been of my favourite this month.
what I've been watching - see the stars
what I've been watching - see the stars

Josh started an instagram account this month to share reviews on the films/tv shows/games and everything in between that he watches so this has been a perfect excuse to get out and watch some of the latest releases...I've also really enjoyed helping him set it up, so if that you're thing please make sure to check it out, I'll be forever grateful! 

In one of my recent posts (5 good things this month), I talk about how we spent majority of October having as many movie nights as possible; not only because spending the night snuggled up in bed with a cuppa and snacks makes for a v cheap date night but actually we're both such lazy people; this is our favourite time spent together. 

Running theme of these blog posts is that I'm a little bit behind all the hypes and clearly this one I just had no idea what I was missing. Personally I think the fact I enjoyed this 6 part series so much was purely down to my newly grown love for Richard Madden. I don't personally choose to watch quite intense, criminal drama's and I don't know why, because I always end up hooked - we've still got a couple episodes left to watch but omg, I'm desperate to see how they end the series. 

Again, a little late to the game when it comes to maleficent and Sleeping Beauty actually, it's taken a couple years for me to watch any of these films and I'm so annoyed at myself. I always had this idea that this movie series would be too dark for my Disney loving' heart but it's not - I truly fell in love with Angelina Jolie and her portrayal of Maleficent was amazing. She really was the perfect choice for the character and really gave her this softer side to her and made us connect to her on an emotional level. 

Now, don't judge me. But this seriously this Disney channel original movie series was so much fun. The real reason behind me watching all three of these movies (yep, I know, I know) is simply down to working for Disney and the fact I've spoken to so many excitable kids & teenagers and their parents about the series. It's almost this generations high school musical and I'm all for that. The films follow the villain kids who are picked to travel to a new isle and go to school with all the prince and princess kids! It's really cheesy but the music is on top form and it's just an easy going watch. Personally I'm a little obsessed. 

We were both fairly worried about watching this film, triggers and all that. But, let me tell you now...it was marvellous. Another intense choice, had my mind wondering for days afterwards but mostly, I just felt so sorry for the Joker. I think I saw the sensitive and pure side of the characters for the first time and I really felt that, obviously you're kind of reminded of the bad side to his character but I think the film gave this overall image of the side we hadn't seen before, the backstory but also the villainous side that we kind of love. 

What you've probably noticed throughout my years of writing about movies, is I like romcom's! They're easy, enjoyable and I just like 'em. So when J suggested watching Terminator 2 I was a little concerned but then went ahead and said yes anyways. I really wanted to be all like 'GUESS WHAT' but I feel like there's no surprise that I kinda loved it. J had to help me understand some of the storyline, I was asking so many questions, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

The whole point to us watching Terminator 2 in the first place was to watch the latest release of Dark Fate, although there's other films within this franchise - these two were connected! I don't know whether it was the girl power vibes they had throughout this film (honestly, the girls were bad ass!) or whether it was the action and the connecting storylines but I was on the edge of my seat throughout. Just trust me, go see this movie! 

From one film that completely amazed me, to one that thoroughly disappointed me. I guess I had such high hopes down to they cast they had involved but omg, I've never been so bored in the cinema...I have actually, but not for a while. The film was based on the battle of Midway, which afterwards found was after Pearl Harbour and since have been more interested in seeing that film instead. The film just felt so slow going, adding too many unnecessary scenes, complicating things with too many character focuses and just not being able to connect with the story at all. 

I've heard people are completely slating this film; but it's actually fast become one of my favourite Christmas films! I think it's got everything to make it such a good Christmas film, I think with it being a British film, it definitely helped me identify with my Christmas spirit - the connection between the two characters was wonderful from the start, I just couldn't help but not completely trust Tom, I won't go into details as to why - if you know, you know right. But I think I have more of a girl crush on Emilia Clark now. 

I loved Frozen when I first watched it, absolutely adored it but over the years I'd just kind of disconnected myself from the hype and just wasn't overly bothered when they released the latest film. But let me tell you, it was amazing! To be honest working for Disney it's hard not to get sucked back into the fun of the films, yet again the film shared a message to children, the picture itself was amazing, they showed growth in the characters and continued on from the previous film. It was generally filled with fun, tears and so much more. I'm ready to watch it again if I'm honest. 

What have you been watching lately? Any new cinema releases I've missed but need to see?

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