I could come up with a million +1 excuses as to why I didn't upload this during blogmas but I was tired and feeling relatively burnt out, so blogging took a back seat for the last couple of weeks, but I'm back at it again with that better late than never mentality. 

Christmas really is my favourite time of the year, but Christmas at Disneyland Paris is definitely top of this list. And I'm so glad our final trip of 2019 let us see Christmas and Disneyland in all it's magical/festive glory. 

Lets be honest, Disneyland do every festive holiday right. Nothing is missed out and everything is pretty damn perfect. 

And whilst we're on our weekend break in Paris it was only right I shared J my favourite destination!

If you read my previous post, you'll know how sick I was during our trip. So sick we only spent one full day in the parks rather than the original two we had planned. So whilst it's completely easy to see both parks and everything in one day, it's a very knackering task when you're on a time limit.
The fact I've been a couple of times now did make the trip so much easier, being able to cut out the rides and the attractions that I'd loved but seen before and knowing which ones J would enjoy most - we were able to cut out the bits which would take up more time than we needed.
Due to being ill, we'd spent the day before in the hotel so I was determined to get an early start for our day at Disneyland. We had breakfast in our room, got showered, dressed and ready - ps. I popped on my ears which are available on my etsy - here. 

From previous experience usually I find it easier to head to the studios park first, it's smaller and easier to round in a faster time period - so once we'd grabbed a quick coffee we headed straight in. Once you enter you can't really avoid both the shops available, so obviously we started with a lil shop round - I'm having to be a little more careful with my money so I tried not to purchase too much...except the Disneyland Paris spirit jersey but who could resist, really? 

We started fairly calm, by getting fast pass tickets for twilight zone tower of terror and being as we had some time to kill we wondered round the rest of the studios. We took the opportunity to ride some of the rides within the Toy Story playland but only really introducing J to the RC racer as everything was fairly busy or a little underwhelming. 

Walking through we then wondered over to see ratatouille which is one of my favourite spaces in the park as it's so aesthetically pleasing but I opted to skip the ride as we both can be quite prone to motion sickness...I don't mind putting myself through the pain for the fun experience - but I knew J wouldn't feel the same. We also attempted crush's coaster which is known for having the longest wait times in both of the Disneyland parks but we'd run out of time for more of the other bits if we'd waited. 

Obviously I was a little disappointed with how much we'd missed out on when it came to the studios park but I also felt that our time here was precious and I wanted to share more of the experience in the main park more so. 

I believe in the week we arrived it must've been school holidays for the kids in France as it was more hectic than I'd expected and being as I was battling with quite a hefty cold - getting through the crowds, waiting in longer queues or just generally being out in the cold for too long wasn't something I thought was worth the fight, so I'm completely gutted I didn't get to show J the true experience in the studios but I knew it was for the best and that I'll be able to share it with him again in the future. 

In the morning we'd had a quick bowl of cereal in our hotel room and before we knew it, it was mid afternoon and we were desperate for food. We headed into Main Street USA and went straight into Casey's Corner - I always remember watching Sam4God and Ellie Steadman and both of them highly recommending having at least one meal here - so we did just that. J gave the hotdog a massive thumbs up! 

Honestly? One of my favourite moments of this trip was when we walked into Main Street and seeing J's reaction to the castle and the surrounding parts and it was then I knew it was going to be a good day. 

Obviously our first drop off was for food! And before long we were walking our way down to the castle - and of course I was after some shots for the gram which we didn't actually manage to get in the end, and yes, I'm still gutted about that. Although my plans for the gram had slightly failed; I continued our trip around the park taking J straight to Discoveryland - heading straight for star tours and Star Wars hyperspace mountain - which is another personal favourite ride for me at Disneyland Paris. We just missed getting our chance on Buzz Lightyears space blast with the wait time being over an hour, I just couldn't be bothered. 

We then headed into Fantasyland and again due to the wait times we skipped out on majority of the rides - Peter Pans flight, Dumbo and Pinocchio rides were the top of that list, the Le Carrousel de Lancelot was closed due to refurbishments and J was worried about motion sickness when going on Alice's Teacups, so we wondered around the Sleeping Beauty's Castle, saw the dragon and just took in the beauty of the place - before ending our time in this area on It's a Small World - another absolute favourite of mine. 

We continued the walk round with Adventureland which I find quite an interesting part of the parts - almost as if it's the least cared for and everything has just been thrown there...majority of the resturants aren't open during the off-peak seasons, there's only a handful of rides and personally it's not my favourite part of the park. That being said, there's aspects in there that I love, I love walking round La Cabane des Robinson and getting to have a beautiful view of the land and the rest of the parks and another favourite ride Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril which was unfortunately closed for refurbishments. So again, we took a short walk round, showing J some of the favourite spots and lil' notes to films you can find around. 

Before heading to Frontierland which again - majority of the places are closed when off-peak and with limited rides available. So we wondered around, I told J stories of the only time I rode Big Thunder Mountain when we visited in 2003 and how I was desperate to ride it again (this time the queues were manageable but it broke down just before we queued up). 

We got ourselves some more sweet treats and hot drinks from Cable Car Bake Shop and watched the Disney Illuminations some of my favourite firework displays, so although we'd been out all day and was completely worn out it was well worth the wait. 

Ultimately we didn't have much luck when it came to this trip - the fact I was so sick made it so much more difficult when I needed breaks every so often, so we ended the day with one last wonder round Disney village and ended up taking burgers from five guys back to our hotel room and binge watching some Gavin & Stacey. 

You can read about some more of my Disneyland Paris trips on my blog, here. 


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