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I know for a fact I fall into the category of taking things for granted, especially when it comes to my relationship. Most of the time it's completely completely passes me by that I'm set in this mind set and it can certainly cause some tension and oh my, the guilt I feel afterwards is unbelievable. 

Fortunately for us, we've got a really healthy relationship and if you read believing in love again you'll be more aware of why I'm so lucky to be in the position I am now. So in an attempt to break away from these mood swings and mind-sets I simply want to celebrate the small things in a relationship. 

celebrating the small things in a relationship - see the stars
celebrating the small things in a relationship - see the stars

When I was single I was definitely the person who tried out free dating websites and for a really long time it worked for me; much to many of my friends disapproval but it worked for me. It helped me clear my mind of my previous expectations, I became more headstrong with what I wanted in my relationships and I actually enjoyed myself. 

Me and J have been together now for just over a year and it's been a blast, we've had so many amazing memories already and we've got so many plans for the future too. From time to time I think I let my stresses jump in our relationship and whilst we don't need couple resolutions for this year and very much falling further and further with each other (gag I know), one thing I want to focus as a personal goal is to stop the two crossing paths and one way I can do this is to celebrate the small things and remind myself this isn't worth jeopardising. 

celebrating the small things in a relationship - see the stars

I know it's cliche, but believe me it's a thing. I have never felt more relaxed with another person the way I am with J, and that's including all the serious shit too. But the ability to laugh every is the biggest comfort I've ever come across; finding ways to cheer each other up, especially when we're through some tough times is the most rewarding part of our relationship. Oh, and I love that I get to share how goofy I really am in front of him. 

Just like the laughter, something I've never felt comfortable with before was the ability to communicate and communicate, everything! I think it's possible J knows all my deepest secrets, fears and all of my biggest dreams too, we share just about everything with each other and because we started our relationship this way, it's just helped build on it more and more as the year has progressed - luckily for us too, we also love sitting in silence with each other too. Nothing's off limits in our house. 

You'll know that we both find date days fairly important and essential, but sometimes we just don't have the chance in the week, but an evening spent in bed watching Netflix is our quick fix...actually it's just part of our evening routine now. We tend to fight between who's film choice but we're currently working our way through shows like; friday night dinner, job lot and him & her. 

We've been fortunate enough to spend Sunday's together for the last month, when working in retail it's a little touch and go as to whether you've got your weekend free so it's been nice to spend even just one day together during the week. We've started making our Sunday's an easy one, waking up slowly before heading out to do our food shop and stopping in a cafe to sit down and just catch up. This week's coffee date we discussed our new podcast, Reel Hectic. (plz go follow, it would mean the world to me). 

Okay, maybe this is fall into the big category, but I wanted an excuse to share this little detail our relationship. Do you know how nice it is to be welcomed into a family almost instantly? I think we're fortunate to say this has come from both sides of our families; J moved in with us after only a few months of us being together and the way my parent look after him is truly heartwarming and then knowing I can turn to his side of the family for advice or just a general chat, it's amazing. 

J better be grateful for this one anyways. I'm both the night owl and early bird in our relationship, I wake up a couple hours before J and most mornings I'll spend some time on my laptop (working on da blog things) or just relaxing in front of the TV. However, when I know it's time for him to wake up, I'll have a cuppa ready for him...and then it's either time for us to get ready for work or I'm dragging his ass out for the day.  

celebrating the small things in a relationship - see the stars

It's safe to say I'm a little bit in love over here. 

I am honestly the happiest I've ever been and like I said, sometimes I let other things take over this feeling and this year I want to find ways of being able to separate the two and enjoy the relationship we have, continue being this happy and never let go of these small things. 

What small things do you celebrate? 

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