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In the last 12 months I've made it a conscious decision to stop relying so heavily on my contact lenses and be confident in my glasses, so you can imagine how ecstatic I am when I receive new frames! 

Honestly, I'm more excited than I should ever admit to be sharing this pair with you... 

new frames with - see the stars
new frames with - see the stars
new frames with - see the stars

Over the years I've fallen in and out of love with not only my deteriorating eyesight but also the frames I choose alongside that. Earlier in 2019 I picked up a new pair of Michael Kors frames, I'd fallen in love with the frames when at my eyesight appointment and thought they'd be an investment for me and whilst I'll be keeping them alongside any future pair, I've fallen a little out of love with them.

And personally, I don't think it's these particular frames I'm having the trouble with. I constantly find myself struggling with wearing glasses in general, they leave me feeling quite self-conscious and it comes with a whole tonne of other teenage troubles. Whilst in my 20's I'm able to brush off comments like four eyes, yep four eyes is still used as an insult, I can still find it quite intimidating. I constantly worry that people think less of me for wearing frames, I judge myself and my looks because of the frames on my face and I think they change the whole aesthetic of any look, especially when creating content for my online platforms.

Which is really difficult to contend with when you need prescription glasses for you day-to-day lifestyle. 

new frames with - see the stars

This is something much more noticeable to people who are around me much more regularly. In an attempt to make myself feel more confident in my frames, I have ditched contact lenses in the last few years and only using them for special occasions - holidays, weddings and such things, ya know the type of thing.

Recently it's worked out fairly well, I've stopped worrying too much and do embrace how they complete my looks now, rather than holding them back. I do still find myself removing them before any photos are taken... but I can't fix everything straight away. I guess what I'm trying to say is, this year I want to work at completely ditching that worry. I don't want to be be the self-conscious mess that I become when I'm out and about. And I'm really grateful I've had the help of in finding some new glasses frames to help rebuild my confidence in myself.

new frames with - see the stars
new frames with - see the stars
new frames with - see the stars

What I love most about these frames is they're completely different to my current pair, they add much more colour into my face with the bright and bold frames. They're much wider frames and create the illusion that my face is possibly slimmer than it actually is, yep another teen trauma of being called chipmunk cheeks helps with that one. The Dierser Cat Eye frames allow me to have a little fun with my look and I love that. 

Like I already mentioned I tend to remove my glasses before taking photos, but you'll be happy to know this year I'm already attempting to ditch that and have been taking more photos already with my frames still in shot, and slowly but surely I'm sure I'll be more comfortable in this as the year progresses. 

Do you wear frames? You can get 30% off frames when using this code at the check out - GSHOT30.  *This does unfortunately exclude sale items* 

Let me know which frames you choose? I'd love to see what they look like!? 

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