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Ah, happy New Years guys! We're well and truly into 2020 now, but this is the first time I've had the opportunity to properly sit down and officially welcome in the new year on my blog. And wow, does it feel weird. 

I ended last year on such a high when it came to my blog and it's potential; I had so many plans, high hopes and my creativity was bursting. Unfortunately only a week into this and all of these positive plans have kind of crashed back down to reality. 

This was heavily due to the fact that within the first week of 2020 I was denied two paid opportunities with my blog, my following was up and down and I just wasn't sure whether I truly had it in me to be the blogger I was hoping I could become, and so it started this downward spiral in the first couple of weeks and I just became to question - everything. 

*okay, so this is a little bit of a ramble to begin with but I promise, 
I do discuss my goals eventually, so stick with me. please...* 

goals for 2020 - see the stars
goals for 2020 - see the stars

That being said, my content has improved massively since this time last year and I need to remind myself of that. Between 2017 and mid-2019 I was barely posting once a month, I constantly considered quitting blogging entirely and just couldn't get back into the routine of 'writing', but now I'm so determined to make it my 'thing'. 

I'm able to spend my days off working on my content, I'm feeling more confident when I'm out and about to take more photos and I'm uploading regularly both on this platform and on my social media channels - during my 'time off' over the years it's meant I've had to rebuild so much of my branding,  having to rebuild so much like my following, my engagement and building relationships again. Man, it used to come to me so much easier back then...Personally I've put too much pressure on myself in the last few weeks to be even better than I was before, but truth be told the blogger I was back in 2013 is very different to the blogger I've become this year alone. I always considered 2016 as the year my blog peaked, I was constantly creating, I spent every free moment on my blog and in the last few years, I've lost that same motivation and omg, I miss it so much. 

goals for 2020 - see the stars

JUMPER - charity shop (similar) 
JACKET - New Look (similar) 
SKIRT - Primark (similar)
BOOTS - Primark (similar)

I've been trying to find my feet again, I bloody love what I do in my spare time and constantly remind myself that blogging is only a hobby, but like I've said - I've somewhere along the line I've added some unwanted pressure and convinced myself that I need to make something more of this platform. And I guess in an attempt to start the year with some kind of focus, I wanted to share my goals for the year with you and yeah, sorry most of them are blog related. 

This year I want to keep posting regularly, whether it's just one post a week, I want to keep creating content to share online. 

I think everyone wants to do this with their blogs, it's always been something I've avoided as it's looked too complicated but I know this will also be beneficial to my career choices...so anything that helps. 

Instagram took a massive dip for me last year, I'd stopped posting so much and didn't care, but since September I have managed to gain almost 500 new followers and it's given me such a boost in motivation. I'm already 640 away from this goal, so let's hope this one is achievable. And if you aren't already, you can follow me here.

My Aunt gifted me with an online course in photography and over the years I've always promised myself I'll eventually teach myself to let go of auto. I recently purchased a new camera, so it would be good to teach myself and up my photography game! 

Honestly, even if it's £50 a month I'll be so happy. I'd earn little bits here and there back in 2016 and it completely stopped the last few years, so I'd love to be able to bring that little bit of income. Y'know help me and J put money aside for a house...

Towards the end of the year I'd joined a group chat on Instagram with a bunch of pretty amazing gals and they're motivated me so much. And with that I'd love to be able to head out with them to shoot more content, maybe collaborate with each other and just continue boosting each other up. 

I may or may not be putting even more pressure on myself with these goals, some I believe will come quite naturally to me and I'll find a breeeeze. As for the rest, we'll just have to wait and see, with only working part time, I want to find a day each week where I am able to create content, write and just keep myself moving forward with my little plan and in the hopes that I make any of this reality - I'll be the happiest lil' egg you ever did see. 

Honestly, a lot of this does worry me and I'm not always entirely sure where to start some days, so if you have any words of advice or in any way you can help, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I can't wait to hear from you.


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