20.1.20 Birmingham, UK

Every year I do this, every year I tell myself I'll suddenly become this book worm and every year, I fail massively. So I don't know why I'm bothering doing it, but here we go again... 

So yeah, hi, hello. It's me, the very average gal who is terrible at picking up a book and completing the damn thing. But I guess in an attempt to improve my intellect, to switch off from reality and take some time away from my online life, I want to start reading more books. 

setting myself a new reading challenge - see the stars

I've realised over the years that it's possible I have a little bit of spending thing and sometimes more money than I ever want to admit goes towards purchasing books - books that just end up being part of my blog aesthetics or just gathering dust on the book shelf. I never complete them and the last time I was able to read a book cover to cover was when we were on holiday in Portugal and the time before that was our holiday in Spain. 

I know the simple answer would be - stop buying the books then!? Right? Oh no, not for me, instead I'm just going to create a whole blog post about it and hope that instead of completely embarrassing myself for you all, I might actually complete a book. 

All my book spends come from Charity shops and with my attempt to become more sustainable in 2020, I know I'll be visiting more charity shops which in turn means more books, but I'm donating to charities in the process, so it's a win-win situation, kinda. And in 2019 I signed up to the Birmingham library as a way of teaching myself marketing, social media and photography - yep, please don't ask how that's going, I need to get back into the routine with that. All that aside, it's given me more reason to head into the library and find not only the books for my personal studies but also I like to check out the fiction sections too. I was able to loan Notes On A Nervous Planet a couple weeks ago and although I never completed the read, I read a good chunk from it which has since spurred on this idea. 

setting myself a new reading challenge - see the stars
setting myself a new reading challenge - see the stars

I've seen so many bloggers talking about good reads recently, so I've taken this as an opportunity to sign myself, I've put aside a list of books I'd love to read and set myself the challenge of reading 10 books this year and I know to most of you this might seem like the smallest list ever, but let's not forget how bad I am at this reading malarky - even 10 sounds like too many for me. 

I've been focusing so much of my time on my online content lately, that every spare moment I've been on my phone and have told myself it's essential for my online growth - and whilst I don't think I'm completely lying, I think it's time to switch off occasionally. Even if it's once a week, taking the book on the bus journey into work with me, just simple steps into helping me switch off from the internet and to exercise my brain a little bit more too.  

I'll try and keep you all up to date with how I'm getting on, maybe start reviewing the books either within a blog series or only twitter or Instagram, maybe you can keep me motivated to do this too. 

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