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It's been four or so months since I started my new job and let me tell you it's been a roller coaster of an experience. Between getting used to the new job roles, my new surroundings and thankfully making friends - It's been a more stressful experience than I ever imagined. 

I've been really lucky with my first couple of jobs as I always entered them with some sense of familiarity...and quite literally, family too. When I quit my job back in august, I was kind of hoping that this new transition period would be much easier but I guess we don't always settle in as fast we always hoped - so with the help of Aromatherapy Body Oils I'm hoping I can impart some wisdom onto anyone going through similar experiences. 

staying street free when settling into a new job - see the stars
staying street free when settling into a new job - see the stars

Do you have a routine to settle your own nerves? Do you follow a process when starting something new? Because I know I do - and honestly, I didn't listen to mine telling me I needed to do this and, omg it really screwed me over. Honestly? I went into my new job role a little too sure of myself and a little over confident, y'know the kind of ready to take on anything that came my way kind of thing and, realistically I wasn't that prepared. I really should've listen to my own body when I was ignoring the anxiety and gone through my normal mental process to prepare myself; especially on my first shift. And because I ignored my anxiety, I ended up being a nervous-wreck and that was noticeable to the entire team - it made me look incapable for the first few weeks. 

We all need a wind down period after a working day anyways; but I'm talking more about really taking those days off to unwind and collect your mind ready for your next shift. My first few weeks, I was going home feeling sick and with a migraine and I knew it was just due to my nerves, my anxiety and the lack of food and water I was having between my shifts. After my previous job fell apart and due to this my mental health deteriorated, I was aware of taking that extra bit self-care to ensure my body knew everything was going to be okay. Whilst the little things like a bit of pampering, using products like aromatherapy body oils really help with relaxing and taking the opportunity for an extra 5 mins in the shower, a face mask or my all time favourite is simply staying in my pjs and watching a film, eventually my body got used to my new working routine and also forgave me for all the unnecessary stress I put it through. 

I mean this goes hand in hand with switching off and winding down - and I guess this kind of relates more to those who work in retail, but don't take too much work on straight away. Do everything in your power to learn everything you need to know to succeed in the role, but remember you're still getting used to the place, how the company works; systems, shop floor and team members and I know you're probably wanting to prove yourself in order to build up the overtime but trust me, that'll come with time. Remind yourself of what you're capable of and don't burn yourself out...  

staying street free when settling into a new job - see the stars

I'm quite a sociable person, especially in the work place - I'm a people pleaser through and through but also I find myself focusing my attentions on making sure everyone feels comfortable and it was difficult when I originally started in my new job post as I didn't know anyone, I felt awkward and incredibly shy. Luckily for me, I started this job just before the Christmas rush began so I took that opportunity to get to know people and really threw myself in at the deep end during Christmas. I've made a whole bunch of friends and just because during the quite times of the busy periods, I made sure to make conversation and really get to know the people I work with...Its amazing how being busy, tired and overworked can help form friendships. 

This is a big one for me and maybe this is your reminder too - but you're doing really well. You've said goodbye to your comforts of one work place, said goodbye to friends and that security and but you're doing really well in this position too and you'll succeed with it all, I know it! 

staying street free when settling into a new job - see the stars

I guess one of my begins posts in all this is to remember the battles you've faced, remember your mental health and whats best for it. Take the breaks when necessary and always make time for yourself, whether thats every evening or one day a week, whatever works best for you, do it. The one thing I've learnt most in the year of my career is to take care of myself, knowing when to stop, sit back and take the moments of silence as a good sign, and having those beauty products on hand if they help you out. 

What's your biggest tip for helping someone dealing with stress? 

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