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I wanted to make a cringe joke about how Christmas was last year...and thought better of it. But in all seriousness, Christmas has officially been and gone for the year and we've got a little bit of wait until the festive season begins again. 

But in an attempt to keep clutching onto it all for a little bit longer - and because my creative brain is a little dried up lately, I thought it would be cute to share with you what I got for Christmas this year...

what I got for Christmas 2019 - see the stars
what I got for Christmas 2019 - see the stars

I know this isn't usually to everyones tastes and it does cause a big controversy within the online community, but I've been creating these every year since 2014...so I guess, it's tradition now. 

Realistically over the years, the older I've gotten my family have decided that we'll no longer do presents, with my work situation being a little difficult over the last few months I've also had to cut down on my costs, and with me having to cut down my spends - it's also meant that I've been in agreement with people that presents aren't a necessity. 

That all being said, I was still massively treated by J, my friends and my secret Santa - so whilst this is quite possibly a short but sweet post. I thought you'd all be interested in what I got for Christmas this year. 

what I got for Christmas 2019 - see the stars
what I got for Christmas 2019 - see the stars
what I got for Christmas 2019 - see the stars

Whilst we were officially in a relationship last Christmas, we'd made the decision that it was too close and too stressful to worry ourselves about gifts as we'd only been dating for a month - this Christmas was our first 'real' Christmas together. Which as a whole was amazing, I've never really shared Christmas so closely with a person who wasn't family. 

With it being our first Christmas together - we had decided to kind of go all out this year, we got each other stocking which we opened in bed on Christmas morning, J was the sweetest guy and filled mine with such cute things, whilst his was filled with chocolates and joke presents - I felt terrible afterwards. That being said, he included three makeup revolution palettes, the first was my ultimate favourite chocolate orange palette which I've been using ever since and I'm obsessed. The other was re-loaded affection palette thats very similar to my velvet rose palette but all the shades are shimmer; which all colours will be great to complete any of my makeup looks. The final palette is the night and day palette which is very unlike my usual colours, again majority of the shades are shimmers and I bloody love it. It's an opportunity for me to experiment with my makeup and to be more creative. He completed the stocking with magic moulding sand which I've wanted for ages and is really bloody fun to play with and because I never had one as a child - I now own a tamagotchi! I'm so nervous about getting it started up as I've been told it's such an emotional ride. 

When we opened presents from under the tree; he continued to completely shock me with Rocketman DVD, a Mickey Mouse watch (which I ended up getting a few days before because my watch broke) J also added a Christmas Stitch charm to my pandora bracelet and oh, I also got a new pair of hi-top vans.  I was well and truly spoilt. 

My parents gave us both some money this year; which we've put towards a deposit for a house and I used a little bit for a new camera and now I finally have my hands on the Olympus Pen ELP-8 which I've had my heart set on for at least three years now. My aunt and uncle got me another the makeup revolution palette which is filled with such a variety of shades and they got me a pair of pyjamas too! 

what I got for Christmas 2019 - see the stars

Each year my family does secret Santa which we exchange over Christmas dinner and with 14 of us at the table it's quite the experience...I believe my brother had me this year as I received a wireless phone charger, which is something I didn't realise I needed but it's such a handy and cool device - it's great! 

I was then extremely lucky to have such wonderful friends - my best pal Charlotte got me a personalised travel set. Which are white with rose gold detailing, with my initials and the Disney castle, amazing! She also got me a mulled wine candle, a little friendship gift and a 2020 calendar, which is perfect as I'm so determined to make this year an organised one!? 

Also not included in the pictures my friend Ellie got me a Christmas candle which is incredible, a Disney traditions Stitch ornament and she uses a homemade company who creates scents, wax meals and perfumes and rooms scents - and had one that's basically lush snow fairy and I love it. My friend Keeley got me a friends notebook & pen, and the most adorable lil' jewellery box. 

Ah, how lucky I've been this year! I never expect half the stuff I get but honestly I'm so grateful and thankful that I have the people in my life. 

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