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I honestly didn't think I'd see the day when I was celebrating seven years of blogging - seven. years. Whatttttt. As if. It's been a little touch and go over the years and that's something I want to discuss in a future post if I eventually find the courage to do so. But today we're celebrating the fact I've made it this far, the growth of this blog and myself - so stick around if you're a fan of a little bit of self-love (soz, I gotta toot my own horn sometimes). 

seven year blog anniversary - see the stars

2013 feels like just a couple years back, I was in my second year of uni and hating it. I needed a distraction to get me through my degree and so I started blogging! 

It wasn't until this month my dad reminded me that it was in-fact seven years ago. Oh boy, seven years is a long time, I've been through some shit since then, my life has been a roller coaster of emotions and it's also changed massively. So I wanted to share 20 facts about me and see how they differ from my answers back in 2013 (which you can read, here

seven year blog anniversary - see the stars
seven year blog anniversary - see the stars

1. I've laughed several times at the girls I was in 2013 and how the facts mostly un-relatable now. 
2. Although I'm still desperate to teach myself photography, this time I have a online course, yet I've still not completed it. 
3. I graduated from University in 2014 and I'm currently considering going back to start studying again. 
4. I have a slight obsession with potatoes; chips, crisps, roasties and mash, ya know the lot. 
5. Anything crafty and I'll try my hand at it - my recent thing is making Disney ears. 
6. I can't function in the morning without that first cuppa tea. 
7. I'm yet to see New York; even though 2013 me wanted to live there... 
8. But I did have the chance to move out for a little while, loved it and hated it. 
9. My Disney obsession is still around and I now work for the company (yippee!) 
10. I worked as a barista and got really good with coffee...
11. I'm still with the same dance school I started with 20 years ago. 
12. I met my boyfriend when I was his supervisor at work (I know, don't judge me). 
13. And I asked him out on the first date. 
14. I couldn't stand the thought of drinking coffee until I became a barista! 
15. I'm still a very emotionally charged person. 
16. Me and J have recently started a podcast - @reel.hectic go follow (plz) 
17. Going to gigs and seeing live performances is one of my most fav things to do.
18. I've been so lucky to travel so much more in the last few years and I love it so much. 
19. Demi Lovato is still my ultimate girl crush. 
20. I'm saving every penny I can this year to hopefully move out w/ J. 

I was 19 in 2013 and I've completely outgrown the girl I was back then, which is such a shame. She was so full of hope and dreams and as I'm approaching 27, I'm so far from that girl I once was and whilst I can laugh at some of the things she wanted back then, I actually miss being that optimistic version of myself - so I guess thats something I'm going to be working on this year, being a more cheerful person, oh lord help me. 

As I've already mentions, seven years have gone in a blink of an eye and boy what a seven years it's been. Thank you for all the support over the years, the words of encouragement and generally sticking around with me and see the stars - I wouldn't still be here if it wasn't because of you guys. I'm really pleased I never threw the towel in with my blog and I'm looking forward to what I'll achieve in the next year, so watch this space guys. 

Lots of love x 

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